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Meany Japan Jokes Quack Gilbert Gottfried Right Out Of A Job

March 16, 2011

Meany Japan Jokes Quack Gilbert Gottfried Right Out Of A Job

Oh, yes.  I, Seriously McMillan and been hella busy, but this caught my eye and I had to take a moment to comment, of course.

Funny man, Gilbert Gottfried, who has been the iconic quack behind the Aflac duck, has been relieved of duty after tasteless jokes were tweeted.  Well, some call the jokes tasteless. Aflac certainly didn’t think much of the jokes.  I thought the jokes were along the lines of your basic “Yo mama so fat” jokes, but, the timing for them was totally off.  Right now is certainly not the time.  Making jokes at the expense of thousands of lives during such a traumatic time is not the way to go.  

I know that Gilbert’s humor is off-beat, to say the least, as well as, off-color at times, but there are times when sensitive subjects and issues should not be available for public consumption.  Maybe his friends and family know his style and sense of humor and wouldn’t subject him to such scrutiny.  I don’t think he thought of that before he looked like a twit for the jokes he tweeted.

The Aflac duck voice will no longer be a gig for famed comedian Gilbert Gottfried. The Aflac insurance company has fired the spokesman for making jokes via Twitter about the recent natural disaster in Japan.

The comedian lends his distinctive voice to a duck character in Aflac’s commercials.

During the weekend, he tweeted: “Japan is really advanced; they don’t go to the beach, the beach comes to them.” And, “I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, there’ll be another one floating by any minute now.”

Thousands of people have been reported dead in Japan following an earthquake and tsunami last week.


Roses For Valentine’s Day: The Hidden Meanings Of Their Colors

February 7, 2011

Although we may not always be aware of the meaning behind the colors of roses we give as gifts, be aware that every rose of every color does have its very own special meaning.

There are many meanings of the colors of roses you may give to someone, but after doing the research, the colors of roses listed below seem to have just about the same meanings no matter where you look.

I thought this would be a perfect time to shine some light on this floral topic.  With Valentine’s Day right here, are you going to give roses to your valentine?   If you are giving roses to your favorite guy or gal for Valentine’s Day, why not give them a unique varied bouquet of roses.  Give roses that carry the meaning of all the feelings you have for your loved one (or ones).

Classic Red Roses

There are no rules broken in giving a classic red or deep red rose.  Red roses are the most popular of the Valentine’s Day roses.  You’ll recognize this by their skyrocketing prices during the latter part of January and early February.   The deep red rose represents an unspoken beauty of love.  The deep red rose leave nothing to the imagination, yet speaks volumes without saying a word.  Deep red roses are heart-warming and bold.  You should know that if you are receive one or a bouquet of tender deep red roses, the one who gives them may not be able to put into words all the feelings they wish to express.  Hence, deep secrets receive via the deep red rose.

 The red rose, especially, a single red rose simply expresses, “I love you very deeply”.  Bright red roses are the greatest expression of romantic and abiding love. Their bright red shade expresses these emotions perfectly.   

Pink and Blush Roses

The innocent blush on the cheek of a special loved one would match the perfect pink rose bouquet.   Thinking of giving pink roses?  Pink roses are kissed with notes of grace and admiration for the recipient.  This is a perfect rose to give to someone you have loved from afar, but have yet to show your true feelings.  Think fresh.  Think new.  Think spring.  Think pink.

A pink rose is subtle, yet alluring.  Soft, yet joyful.  A pink rose sings  its own  song of a blossoming romance to come and an announcement of awakening affection.

Lavender Roses

A lavender rose is original in color.  The intention and rationale behind giving a lavender rose is to show a long-standing love and deep appreciation for the recipient.  It also shows the forethought and imaginative nature of the one giving the lavender bouquet.  The lavender rose is great to give to the one who may think you have forgotten them.  A bouquet of lavender roses is a perfectly romantic way to say that you didn’t forget them and that you will love them, come what may, forever.

Orange Roses

You thought your heart was on fire with the red rose?  Try an orange rose.  As fire and flame are hot, so is this little sassy number.  The orange rose is well-known for being the rose of desire and passionate energy.  So, if loving someone is just the tip of the iceberg, melt that ice with a flaming orange rose, baby.   Orange roses can be as bright orange as the fruit or subtle shades of peachy-orange blend.  No matter the shade, these roses are stunning.

Yellow Roses

Although unconventional, yellow roses make a statement when giving them to someone you love.  The yellow rose is commonly given as a bright, springy pop of color to a friend or a g-i-r-l friend.  If ther’s nothing going on in the romance department, but there is a connection that is deeper than just being simple acquaintances.  Yellow roses are great to give to family members who you love as well, but of course, not on a romantic level.

White Rose

There is a simple elegance to the classic white rose.  In stark contract to the red rose, the white rose and the red rose share similar meanings.  Yet, it is the white rose that takes on the more subtle approach to speaking volumes without saying a word.  Think of a white rose as a new beginning to a great romance.  Not only does it say, “I love you”… It also asks, “Will you love me, too?”


Caught Looking Trashy: 3 Tacky Celebs & The Fashions That Wore Them

November 21, 2010

These shoes were featured in a earlier post.  I mean, they may be funny as a sight gag, but to wear them in public…with money in them cheapens the person wearing them.  I can’t imagine ANYONE would really think these shoes are fashionable.  The shoes are hideous.  Lap dance not included.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen(via)What's in your shoe? Only $1?

Taylor Momsen already looks like last night’s cold pizza warmed over, so the sight of her in lingerie, stockings and stripper heels is fitting for looking like such a mess.  Notice the money in the shoe?  She should hit the salon with it.

Katie Price Silver Jumper

Katie Price

Here’s loveable Katie Price as Captain WTF in her silver satellite get-up.  Topple on over so I can get better cable reception, Katie.

Are there really any words to explain this Tila Tequila mess- of a mess- of a leather mess?

Tila Tequila

Yeah, Tila and Katie.  We know they’re fake, honey!  Silicone floats and seems to defy gravity, but your style seems to defy reason.


Give Him A Man-Gagement Ring: The Engagement Rings For Guys

November 21, 2010

They may not be fancy, but there is a new movement in our culture.  The movement is to bring the guys in on some of the traditions that are usually celebrated only by women. 

Women, especially in Western culture, traditionally receive an engagement ring as a symbol of their commitment and relationship to their fiancé, which usually results in a wedding.  Yes, I said, “usually results in a wedding”.

So what does a man-gagement ring symbolize?  Much of the same;  yet man-gagement rings are typically similar to a mens wedding band, which is usually a lot less showy than an engagement ring with a giant diamond or gem center stone.

Seriously McMillan

The Tioro Magagement Ring

The Tioro ring is a titanium band with a small diamond, priced at £79.99 ($140 US)—a far cry from the blinged-out engagement rings that don the ring fingers of well-heeled women worldwide. (Via)

A Fun Engagement Twist

This could put a fun twist into a couple’s engagement.  In my experience, popping the question usually comes as a surprise.  Guys like to surprise the woman of the their dreams with a stunning engagement ring on bended knee. So, this would present an issue for the gal who wants the chance to present a ring to the guy of her dreams.

He’s Proposed:  Your Turn?

I’m certainly not suggesting that you propose to your guy.  I mean, he’s already proposed, so you’re already engaged. 

My suggestion: If you really want to give your guy a man-gagement ring,  plan a nice dinner after he’s proposed to you.  Surprise him with his man-gagement ring and just fall in love all over again.  He will surely be as surprised, if not more shocked, as you were when he proposed to you.  Not only have you truly claimed your guy, but it will surely keep all the single ladies away.  Beyonce’s song literally tells a guy to, “Put a ring on it”.  Now, you can put a ring on him, too.

Prince William & Kate: A Royal Engagement Ring Curse?

November 19, 2010

I guess the world is going to run out of sapphire stones since  Kate Middleton and Prince William became engaged.  The engagement ring is quite unconventional, which is part of its mass appeal.   The engagement ring seen around the world is a £300,000 ($450,000 US) classically simple Garrard white-gold ring with 12-carat Ceylon sapphire with a 14 round cut diamond halo.

Amidst the speculation and their “on-again, off-again” romance, it looks like she is the one that will rock the throne.

Can you imagine the knock off rings that will be selling like hotcakes? 

What’s that all about?  I actually wanted a ring like that but not now since everyone and their grandma will be out to get one.

Besides, would you really want to show up to an event donning the same ring as everyone else in the room?   Embrace individuality. 

Not to mention, the seriously superstitious are up in arms about the ring.  On their side of the fence, forget individuality; they worry that there is a curse on the hand-me-down ring engagement ring.  Was it bad juju for Prince William to give Kate Middleton the ring of his mother, Princess Diana, to his fiancé?

Even if you don’t believe that jewelry can be cursed, I’ve heard an old wives’ tale that claims engagement rings are supposed to carry the energy of the marriage from whence they came. Meaning: it is bad luck to inherit a ring from an unhappy marriage.   So, essentially, Kate is wearing the ring of a troubled princess who had a very bad marriage, not to mention a tragic end.  Via Cnn

I think any girl would love to be given an heirloom ring when they are proposed to. 

In the etiquette arena, it’s quite alright, under normal circumstances.  I don’t know if the ring is cursed.  I’m semi-superstitious about it.  Maybe I’ve watched too many mystery movies of the week.


Seriously, She’s Baaaaaack!!!

November 19, 2010

Yes, indeed. I took a much needed hiatus. Phew! I wasn’t displaying good manners to myself.

So, buckle up and lets ride the wave.  Have you been good?

Push Presents: Tacky Or Trendy?

April 24, 2010

Should you demand another $5000-$10,000 engagement ring or a cocktail ring for having a baby?

“I pushed out your baby and now I want diamonds!” 


I kept hearing ladies describe certain jewelry to me as a “Push Present”.  It’s been flowing in and out of conversations I have had with women who have an engagement ring times two.  Sometimes, I will talk with ladies who have two engagement rings, yet the ‘other’ ring is on the right hand or on another finger of the left hand.

Recently, Arlene S. told me that she was pregnant with her second child and she was back at the jewelers to look for another “Push Present”.  She already had a 1.5 Ct engagement ring and her 1 Ct. diamond cocktail ‘push present’ from giving birth to her first child.

I get it now, Arlene.

A push present (also known as a “push gift” or “baby bauble”) is a present a new father gives a new mother when she gives birth to their child. In practice the present may be given before or after the birth, or even in the delivery room. The giving of push presents has grown in the United States in recent years. Via

I had to write a post about this because I was so shocked by it.  I had never heard of it.

But, not that it’s all out in the open, what do you think of it?

Is it trendy or tacky? 

What does etiquette suggest?

What does Seriously McMillan say about it?

I say tacky!  What I find tacky about the whole thing is that it seems like such a materialistic view to have during such an important time in the lives of a new mom and dad. 

New parents have so much to think of.  Is the baby healthy?  Will the baby sleep through the night?  There is so much to consider, it seems a bit selfish and greedy to request such a gift.

There is a fine line.  It can be wholesome when it’s really something within the realm of the couple, yet it can be tacky when people start demanding.   It’s one thing to be a diva and another to be a gold digger…and it’s even worse to be so self-absorbed that you are both.

Does that mean I am totally against it?  Nope.  I think it’s an interesting idea and it should be considered a present if a man and woman talk about buying such a gift.  Talk it over.  What does he say?   Are you going to buy your own?  Is he buying a push present or baby bauble other than a charm, pendant or a pair of P.J.’s and herbal body wash? 

I think push gifts or presents, even using the words, puts a demeaning value on becoming a mother.  It belittles pregnancy and the experience of giving birth to your child to nothing more than a womb-for-hire.  Ewww.  Tacky!


Read about the difference between a gift and present here!

Another way to look at it seems like payment or reward for having a baby.  I think with your new bundle of joy, one should be overjoyed enough.  Right?


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