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Why “A Fall From Grace ” is Netflix’s Best Movie So Far

January 24, 2020

Y’all better quit while you’re ahead and leave Tyler Perry alone.

Quit dragging Tyler Perry’s movie acting like you’ve never seen a telenovela or a soap opera. This movie stands proudly with the soaps of my generation (80s baby here) with the melodrama, character twists and plot turns. I believe you forgot.

What about the original Lifetime movies, ladies? Does this movie not remind you of those day?

Tyler Perry’s recent Netflix movie is amazing.

Here are three reasons why:

Phylicia Rashad- No spoilers here but that Sarah (played by Phylicia Rashad) brought out the best in Grace (Crystal Fox) and offers her love and support. I never expected to see Phylicia Rashad play a lady like Sarah, but I’m glad she was cast in the role. Ms. Rashad, if you read this, I must tell you that I see what you did there and I hope you do it again.

Wigs: Because everyone’s wig was on point. Men’s and Women’s wigs alike. What’s so wrong with the characters wearing hair that fits the vision that Tyler Perry had for them? I’m fine with the wigs because they worked!

And lastly, Crystal Fox.

It’s been reported that it took 5 days to film the entire movie and Ms. Fox dances through each scene with a myriad of deep emotions. The entire film on her shoulders and she carries the film over the finish line. Bravo.

Is the movie perfect? No, but that’s part of the charm of the film.

So, sit back and let go of all your judgement and allow the story to unfold in all it’s bubbly, soap operatic and melodramatic glory.

Chocolate bon-bons not included.

Married in #StruggleLove- Lela Rochon!

July 25, 2019

Jeffrey D. Sams. You may not know the name, but I do. I’ve known that name since I saw him perform on stage when I was in 5th grade. He played the King in the King & I in a school play.

Now, fast forward to the 90s, and read the cast list for Waiting To Exhale. You will see Jeffrey D. Sams and the beautiful Lela Rochon.

Now, fast forward again…

With all the success in acting for Lela Rochon and the directorial successes of Antoine Fuqua ( Gotta love his French origin name), they have sadly become gossip fodder.

Okay so….we don’t know all the details, but girl….

Like many public men that makes the decision to cheat on their wives, it eventually comes out into the public, one way or another.

I feel badly for Lela, but especially for the children of these grown-ass, cheating folks. Ohhh, y’all.

Nicole Murphy and Monsieur Fuqua got caught practically making out in public in romantic Italy – and Nicole is not his wife. Y’all, it’s all the scandal.

Ms. Murphy is the ex wife of actor/comedian Eddie Murphy.

So far, the only person talking is Nicole. She put out a couple of statements (pfffft) and most people are giving the Jezebel side eye to her. How can you kiss on your friend’s husband. That’s right, friend.

Nicole Murphy made it known that she is a friend of the Fuqua family.


If you think of it, that makes sense because Nicole Murphy was married to Eddie Murphy during the filming of Boomerang, in which Eddie and Lela Rochon worked together.


Click the link to some great updated info about this sorry ass, sloppy mess.

We know who to cancel next, don’t we! 🤔

Wendy Williams: A Woman Scorned Fights Back

April 17, 2019

Wendy Williams is fighting back faster than anyone could imagine.

“How you doin’?”

Ok, Wendy Williams. We are not hatin’ on you. Looks like you’re doing alright!

Wendy Williams has officially fired her estranged husband Kevin (Kelvin) Hunter from his job as Executive Producer of her show, The Wendy Williams Show. He was also shown the proverbial door by being asked to leave their marital home in New Jersey within 48 hours.

The cherry on top of Wendy Williams revenge sundae is having “the $215K Ferrari he bought for the woman who recently had his child is towed away, can reveal. “

I can just hear the cheers from every woman who couldn’t clap back at their ex-husbands. No dirty deed goes unpunished!

Read more here!


Is Wendy Williams Getting Her Groove Back?

April 16, 2019

It’s been all the rage for the past 24 hrs and like she said, “She is on the loose!”

Wendy Williams is everywhere and everyone is talking about the shade she sprinkled all over her soon-to-be ex husband, Kevin (Kelvin) Hunter, but it’s a long road and she is at the beginning. Judging by Wendy throwing some shade at her ex, her wounds are deep.

She was talking like a grown up when she said, “You know, it’ll be Wendy on her own…I have to tell you, you know, I’ve been dealing with issues with addiction, alcoholism, and I have a whole new life that I planned for myself and my son.”

Ahem, just Wendy and her son are mentioned.

She is doing her best. It’s just a hard situation. Can you imagine the tears? How many nights are the tears flowing? How many hours?

Wendy goes on to say, “Believe me you, when you lay in a room with no TV and four grey walls all day and no telephone and you lay there and think about your life. This is my life at the sober house, it’s one of the best things, honestly, that could have ever happened to me,” she said.

Not to mention, she is a celebrity with a little bit of money and support to throw onto healing her pain. No every woman in her situation is so lucky.

Wendy knows all. She knew all while we all thought we were sipping hot tea. She knows how to toss in some one liners and low blows to let her audience know she is not as “tealess” as everyone thought.

My prayers are for all women going through a rough patch in their lives with addiction, infidelity and divorce.

If you need help, please consider reaching out.

National Drug Helpline Number 1-888-633-3239

Is Wendy Williams Divorcing?

April 11, 2019

The news broke like a low tide wave and reached a high tide soon enough. Daytime Diva talk show host Wendy Williams is divorcing (finally) her husband, Kevin (Kelvin, allegedly) Hunter, amid nearly a decade of rumors that Kevin had “The Secret Life of Pets” kind of lifestyle going on. When Wendy was away, Kevin was all about the play.

Kevin was misbehaving and had women, extra homes and now babies behind Wendy’s back. (All allegedly, right?)

As a divorced woman, when I got the news about Wendy Williams, I could remember instantly the pain of my own divorce. It’s nothing I would wish on my own enemies….Well, except my ex—I would be fine with that Thing feeling the pain of divorce every dang day of his life like it was a damn Groundhog’s Day revisited!!! And, no…I am not bitter. (Ahem!)

But, I digress.

I wish I could give you a big sisterly hug, Wendy. I know the pain of divorce first hand and all of the new emotional baggage you will have to carry, sort, unpack and hopefully give it away to the universe one day. That being said, it’s a journey, and it can be a long and trying one.

Keep your wits about you. Allow yourself to feel the pain sometimes. It’s like ripping a bandage off a wound, it will sting and hurt like hell at first. You may even lose some hairs on the bandage, but once the bandage is gone, the wound will now have air and will breathe, it will scab over and then leave a scar. It’s ok. It’s just a scar. A reminder of the pain from the injury, nonetheless, the scar means life moved on and you are in the process of healing.

You can be alright if you choose to be. You will be alright when you are ready to be.

Your sista fan,

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Us Movie: The Beauty of the End (No Spoilers)

March 21, 2019

(No Spoliers, but if you haven’t watched the trailers then you may want to read later.)

Have you ever put something down, like your keys and not remember where you put them? Let’s say they ended up on a counter in a room and you don’t know how they got there. You retrace your steps to try to remember, but you only have flashbacks of thoughts about when you put the keys down.

When the end credits began to crawl, I took a deep sigh. It was not a sigh of relief, it was a sigh of sadness. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t sad that the movie was over. I was sad because of the beauty of the ending and it was a beautiful ending. You may see the same beauty that I saw and feel the same sense of sadness—or more to the point, it felt like a hopeless dread.

That is the feeling I had when the movie ended.

I felt really bad for the family even though they are a cohesive team in protecting one another as best they could. I did not feel for Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) so much, but I felt just a feeling of future dread for the characters of Jason (Evan Alex), Zora (Shahadi Joseph Wright) and Gabe (Winston Duke). They are the true victims of the film and I grew to love them and empathize with them.


If you like stories, movies or books that leave you wincing at the thought of what will or could happen to the characters in the future, you will love the movie Us (2019).

Will they be ok? Are they ok? Maybe we should just accept that it’s ok. It is just a movie. It’s just a good movie.

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R. Kelly: The Crying Game

March 6, 2019

I am not judging R. Kelly. His actions have judged him. R. Kelly’s guilt or innocence has been decided, by himself.

He doesn’t get it. He never will with his abusive tendencies, and yes, he is an abuser. I didn’t need to see the docu-series Surviving R. Kelly to understand that he has a problem handling and managing his attraction to underaged girls. Now, we are talking about the specific act of having a falsified document to marry a girl who is not 18 and did not have her parents sign a form of consent. You know who I am talking about. That is enough to know that he is an abuser. Full stop.

To the thousands of women out there, please watch this man’s behavior. Watch how R. Kelly behaves. It’s a tell-tale sign of someone who is covering his own ass. The tears, the dramatic behavior and the wild antics. Not a drop of sincerity.

If you date someone who acts like this…


Wendy Williams is back, but is the tea hot or iced?

March 4, 2019

Wendy Williams. She is back. According to all the gossip and tea sites and videos, there was something wicked this way comes with her life behind the scenes.

Nonetheless, she is back dishing the hot topics and spilling the tea — but is her tea hot or iced?

Wendy Williams talked just enough about her life and rumors about her to keep her fans quiet and happy with her answers. There was nothing in the stars to say she was going to spilling the beans about the gossip surrounding her, her health and family any more than she did. In all honesty, it was kind of refreshing to see someone attempt to keep a unified front with her man. Wendy Williams will not be embarrassed in public, at least by her own doing.

Let’s say she is seriously serving the same hot tea when it comes to celebrity news but when it comes to spilling her personal tea…that’s some iced tea with some fake sugar and tart lemon flavor. What I mean is, her lemon tart lips are tight. She is putting that fake sugar over her personal troubles, trying to sweeten up her fans into believing all is well and good. Not to mention, that iced-iced baby tea she served was flat and cold.