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The President Said What About Fredrick Douglass?

February 2, 2017

I must admit that I am laughing so hard right now. I’m having one of those “pee your pants” laughter moments because as I see it, it’s the best coping mechanism.  I know what you’re saying.  It’s not nice to laugh at others, including the president, when they don’t have a clue about what they are saying, but c’mon.

I learned a lot about Frederick Douglass in grade school and even more in high school and college. Mr. Douglass was a prolific author that made me feel as I was shadowing him in the experiences he wrote in his memoirs and narrative. I mean, I even attended Frederick Douglass Elementary School.

Does the president know that Frederick Douglass passed away in 1895?  I don’t think so.

“Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice,” the president said.  Source

I, too, ask the same question that others asked when I read the president’s statement about Frederick Douglass.  After all, it is Black History Month.

“My first instinct was to go on the attack,” said Kenneth B. Morris Jr., Douglass’s great-great-great grandson. “I think it was obvious to anyone that heard [Trump’s] comments or read his comments that he was not up to speed on who Frederick Douglass was. We just thought that was an opportunity to do a history lesson and to make some points about what we’re currently working on.”  Source

220px-frederick_douglass_by_samuel_j_miller_1847-52Mr. Douglass has been at rest for over 100 years, folks. I am sure the president had some stellar education that probably included some American History….? You think?

I mean, I at least know that the only person wearing that Frederick Douglass ‘fro swag other than #Frederick Douglass was Samuel L. Jackson in #Unbreakable.

downloadDid the president confuse the two?

It’s plausible with all that has happened since January 20th, 2017.


Photo(s) Source: Wikipedia

U.S. Election 2016: Why I Voted for Zuul from Ghostbusters

November 11, 2016

I want to start on a positive note.  I was warm outside today.

In other news, one of Bill Murray’s funniest lines from #Ghostbusters (ahem, the one and only) became a reality today and in some layer of alternate universe, Zuul is the new leader of the masses.  Honestly I would prefer to have Zuul for President of the U.S.- elect 2016 since I believe the campaign rhetoric of would have been palatable and on track.

I have never experienced a mass hysteria or dogs and cats living together- although pet owners have been forcing civility on their pet cats and dogs for some time.  Not that I blame you, but you can see the signs.

The mass hysteria is here and it is here to stay and for good reason.  The people on the ground have no idea what is going on with those fighting  “in the corner penthouse of spook central.”

I understand the fear is real.  I understand the tears from my friends and peers because with all kidding aside (for now), an alternate reality looks great to many people now.   I am surprised that the faces of many in the news look a bit puffed and red from crying.

What to do now?  Mostly, we move forward day by day.  Many live in fear that is now amplified.  We elected a man who brags about abusing women, who bankrupts his business and who is really talks out of his ass like a teen guy trying to convince a teen girl that he doesn’t need to use a condom because he was going to take care of everything when he has no clue about the realities of reality…and those are my issues with him.

What can we do now?  Is the helpless feeling in the pit of many stomachs real?  The feeling is as really as a hunger pang.

The country was hungry, but not everyone wanted the same main course.  Some people elected a man the temperament equivalent of a eggs bursting open and frying on a countertop in Dana Barron’s apartment others wanted to feast on their familiar meal they have not had in about 20 years.

Now, I was not a fan of the alternative presidential candidate, but when you are electing a president, a resume matters and the female candidate of 2016 at least had an idea of what to do.  Being a president is not a job where “on the job training available” should be listed in the in the job listing.

The country is hurting, but why?  We are supposed to be the most resilient people on the planet.  People wailed and protested and will be depressed for the next four years.  This checkerboard of our country is resentful and disjointed.  Honestly, I don’t know that it can be –or should be–forcibly healed.  For many there will be no solace and 11/7/16 was the last day of life as we know it.



Another Shooting of an Unarmed Black Man

April 8, 2015

As I write, I am sick to my stomach.  I debated whether I would watch the video of the murder of Mr. Walter Scott, who was shot and fatally wounded by a police officer who stopped him because he had a broken tail light.

How does this minor traffic infraction turn into murder?  Quite simply, most people, other than Black people are shocked.  As for me, I simply pray that my brother and my son will never become victims of this most disgusting behavior.  I am angry, but I am not as angry at this latest incident as I am with the culture behind it.  That being said, I believe there is not enough being done by people of color to stand up against this tyrranical society of police brutally killing Blacks (and other of color) for “crimes” that most non-Blacks or people of color have and continue to be given a pass for.

Does anyone remember the Civil Rights movement?  This is not some historical reminder film about Selma, this is reality.  This is our 2015 reality.  This will not stop until serious action is taken and laws are changed for the benefit of all.

MLK Day: More Than Just a 3 Day Weekend

January 19, 2015

Do people just consider MLK day another day of the weekend that you dont have school or work?

It would sadden me if this the case in our cultural reality because the works of Dr. Martin Luther King are invaluable.

The sacrifices of Black people during the Civil Rights movement are innumerable and the luxuries in society, albeit not equal to whites, are far more available to my generation and beyond than those who came before me.

How do you thank those who suffered having rocks pelt them til they bled or having attack dogs chew on their limbs or having water hoses blast them with such a force that it would keep them at bay?

How do you thank a generation of people that stood together until life got a little better for people of color?

Well, you can start today.  Just reflecting and remembring that the American Civil Rights movement was a sacrifice for all people given by Blacks.

If you don’t realize that there are benefits that you experience, no matter your skin color, because of their sacrifices, then I would invite you to take a few moments to use your favorite search engine and gain the knowledge you lack.

I am thankful for my ancestors who stood strong on the face of oppression and survived.  I hope that one day my grandchildren will know that the sarifices to make their generation a more civilized and progressive generation are being made today.

Enjoy your MLK Day and remember those who gave their lives for you to have it.

Til Next Time

Merry Christmas in 10 Languages

December 26, 2014

I love languages and I also like Christmas, so I thought it would be interesting to talk about what Merry Christmas sounds like (or how its said) in other languages.

I think it’s a way of looking outside of ourselves here in the US or mostly English speaking countries and see what other cultures say at Christmas time. So, here we go–here are 10 languages of my choosing and how Merry Christmas is said or read in those languages.

My hope one day is to actually know the languages, if not fluently, at least enough to know how to hold a conversation well in the future.


Christmas in many languages.

Christmas in many languages.

English – Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays (recently more popular)

Chinese – [Mandarin] – “Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan”

German – “Froehliche Weihnachten”

Greek – “Kala Christouyenna”

Hawaiian – “Mele Kalikimaka”

Russian – “Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva s Novim Godom

Italian – “Buone Feste Natalizie”

French- Joyeux Noël

Spanish – Feliz Navidad

Portuguese – “Feliz Natal” “Boas Festas”(Good Holidays)

Polish – “Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia”

Sony Pictures: Obama likes Django?

December 12, 2014

Didn’t we already know that there is a divide in Hollywood regarding black actors and their films and white actors and their films?

We already know that there was a lack of respect for black films that either are for entertainment or are telling a historical event.

Sony Pictures execs has made it very clear their top people feel that race is a race issue.

I mean, I watch white actors in films that are not geared toward my demographic and I watch black films that probably are geared to my demographic, but in my eyes I don’t really see the difference.

I pay way more attention to the story than I would to the fact that the people are either black or white acting in the film.

This week has been very interesting because of the leaks of emails that have made it public knowledge of the…. Well,  I wouldn’t say insensitive, but I would say typical behavior of white people….and not all white people, mind you, but those in power who you know feel that black films are “less than”.

Those “stereotypical whites” would make these kind of remarks. This week Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin had some internal emails leaked to the public and although it was an em-bare-ass-ment,  Rudin is now backpedaling regarding the emails with an attempt to apologize.  Pfffft, please Scott.  Stop it now because I’m laughing so hard my side hurts.

I do think it’s too late and obviously we are seeing what these people really feel and it is not the truth that hurts it…it doesn’t hurt me reading about asking President Obama if he liked Django or Pascal asking Rudin if she should ask President Obama saw The Butler or Think Like a Man and Scott Rudin replying with [asking Obama if he likes] Ride Along (the movie with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube) also saying that he bets that Obama likes Kevin Hart.

I believe they are typical of many white Americans about blacks. White people not realizing that black people are educated or that black people are accomplished in society or that black people contribute to society on a large scale, and to have these people to make any sort of comment about President Obama, you know, I don’t find any offense to it.

What I do find offensive is why didn’t Pascal and Scott Rudin want to ask if Obama may have liked Spiderman or another one of many Pascal’s films that were made during her time at the Sony Pictures studio.  What about Casino Royale?  We know James Bond very popular– why didn’t she want to ask if Obama likes James Bond instead of assuming President Obama only watches Black Entertainment type films and not enjoy other types of flms.

Again, I am NOT offended at the fact that they mention these black films with black actors, I am offended that they didn’t include films with white actors.

It is not me who reminds me every day that I’m black, it’s everybody else reminding me that I’m black and whatever that means to them, because to me it means I am who I am.

When you have people like Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin who need the the “black dollar” for their films, it makes me second guess even supporting their endeavors.

Being a film aficionado myself, it’s very sad when you make these distinctions between black audience of white audiences when usually black audiences, at least the people that I know, don’t make these distinctions among themselves.  I don’t do it among my friends.

As I say that, I’m going to go out and go watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

As for Pascal,  Rudin and the many others–Closed minds think alike.

till next time

Marc Anthony: Yo Daddy Says “You’re Ugly!”

May 28, 2014

Marc Anthony: Yo Daddy Says “You’re Ugly!”

You know, sometimes it’s OKAY to be honest with your children. Like, when you tell them there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny, but telling your kid they are ugly…?  Ehhhhh?

Yet, international celebrity ex-Mr. J-LO and singer and actor (?), Marc Anthony’s dad theru all tact to the wind and told his boy he was Uh…Uh…Ugly!

I mean, everyone has a unique look and ugly is in the eye of the beholder, right?

His dad said, “Son, I’m ugly and you’re ugly—work on your personality.”

Well, there is some sound advice, right? At least the end of the quote. Everyone can work on their personality, right? I’m looking for the bright side of this whole father-son connection.

Anthony told Men’s Fitness. I swear to God. I told him a couple of months ago, I said, ‘Dad, you remember telling me that when I was little?’ He’s like, ‘I’ll tell you that shit today, too!’ I think it served me well. I think confidence is a powerful thing.”


Confidence, personality…I guess Marc really worked on those since he has been married to and recently dating some of the most lovely ladies in the Latin community.

I still can’t imagine someone calling their child ugly…and by who’s standards?  Shallow Hal?

It’s great that he has become successful but I won’t how much MORE confident he would have had a parent just love him for what he looked like and called him handsome.  That also makes me wonder if Marc may say something like that to his kids when they are older.  In my opinion, it’s an unkind thing to cay to your child but he took those lemons and limes and made a Margarita!

For me, Marc Anthony lost  me as a fan him AND IT’S NOT BECAUSE OF HIS LOOKS….It was because I hated the character he played in the movie The Substitute (1995) with Tom Berringer. He’s played a ruthless gangster and I never gave him a chance after that.  Call that perfect casting!

Finally Marc says: “You know what it is? I think it’s confidence,” Anthony said. “I do not lack confidence. I’ve been able to do what I do for many years and I think I’m good at it. And that confidence and just being a good person overall, I don’t rely on my looks to stand out. It’s all in the details.”





Here’s some “ugly” for the cover Men’s Fitness. I really don’t see what’s so fit about him. Thin, yes. Bangin’ body? Where it at????