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Baby Daddy Secrets with Matthew McConaughey-Pt 1

February 21, 2008

Alright all you Matthew McConaughey lovers.

Isn’t this guy hot?  I mean hot. Like”My thighs are on fire”….HOTT!?!

The sexy smile, the hard body and the tight tush. Now, let’s get back to reality.

You all know how I feel about baby daddy’s. It’s a travesty. The chick is left with the baby and the daddy did nothing but use her. Really. Here’s the truth.

(Don’t steal my line, it’s (C)opywritten…so there!)
If you cannot commit, put away the “d*ck.”

It should be a mantra for these males out here and for the girls screw around with them.

So, I look at what Mr. Mc “CON”aughey did to this girl he impregnated. He says no wedding. He wants to know how the hell that $40 condom broke or did he not pull out in time? J.K.

I am going rough on you today, Matt. You’ve got me all fired up because I wrote about men like you in my book. (She SO Ghetto- Buy it today only $14.95 + shpng. GOTO

This young, impressionable Brazillian model fell for the Baby Daddy Secret that is really a Scam.

“There will be no wedding bells for soon-to-be parents Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, to the disappointment of the 24-year-old Brazilian supermodel.

38-year-old McConaughey, who is thrilled with his impending fatherhood, is perfectly content maintaining the status quo of the relationship, according to reports.

“Matthew is getting used to the idea that he’s going to be a father. He says that’s enough to deal with right now. He has no plans to walk down the aisle with Camila now – or ever.”

Camila, her mother and Matthew’s mother are said to be disappointed in Matthew’s disinterest in marriage.

“Camila comes from a very strict Catholic background. And Matthew’s family is very traditional too. Everyone, apart from Matthew, feels a wedding is in order.”

You see what I mean?

  • This little fool says he “has no plans to walk down the aisle with Camila now – or ever.”
  • Then they say she, “Camilacomes from a very strict Catholic background.” Don’t Catholics say no sex before marriage.

I know what he did. He groomed this young lady and took her cookies.

Girl, didn’t you know? He’s an “ACTOR.” What do you think he does for a living?

Part 2 includes the Baby Daddy’s Secrets

It’s what these guys, famous or not, do to get the bootie.




Matt & The blushing bride-never-to-be. And you thought that girl was mad in “27 Dresses”.


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