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Got manners?: 5 Reasons your Mama would love our blog.

March 2, 2008

People complain all the time.You hear things like:

“Look at those hoochie mama’s.”

“Oh, those girls are nasty.”

“Look at those ghetto black girls.”

“She’s just white trailer trash!”

“She is such a slut sleeping with every Tom, Dick & Harry!”

Yet, I don’t see anyone of these ladies in a finishing school, manners class or learing self-respect.

No one is really learining it, but everyone complains that no one has it.

From Britney Spears & her sister Jamie Lynn to other celebri-ladies.

Here’s 5 reasons your mama would love our blog:

  1. How many other blogs are called “She So Ghetto” that aren’t ghetto?
  2. Our quest is to show, compare and expose the difference between”classy” and “trashy”. What do you strive to be?
  3. We are a teaching tool. When we show you “class” vs. “trash”, you can share with your friends and apply “what not to do” to your life.
  4. High profile people, well some of them, are role models of young ladies everywhere. Some celebrities have show class and have an unblemished reputation. To them we give our “Butterfly of the Day” award.
  5. We hold morals, etiquette, femininity and manners in high esteem. How many others sites really care about those old-school values that we lack today?

You’ll never know what we’ll report about or rant about.

Sign up & stay tuned.


Seriously McMillan


Pic below: Mo’nique & the Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School Promo


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  1. March 20, 2008 12:39 am

    Read my latest… in common with yours

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