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10 Celebrities who “Need A Hug”

March 4, 2008

I know it’s rough out there in Hollywood.

Some of our stars are looking for someone to reach out to them.  They try curing their ills with bad things like drinking & drugs.

Let’s try hugs! A nice fuzzy sincere hug.

What celeb needs the hugs most? Seriously McMillan sez…

10: Katie Holmes- I don’t know if she is allowed to hug anymore.

9: Mary Kate Olsen– She just looks so sad all the time.

8: Paula Abdul- Her big comeback? Did it come and go? She just needs a hug.

7: Eva Mendes- Didn’t know she had to go to rehab.  I hope everything is ok.  She still needs a hug, though. wenn183611000x0150x150.jpeg

6: Vanessa Hudgens- ‘Cuz that naked photo thing won’t go away. Somebody hug her.


5: Jennifer Hudson- She needs a stylist.  This curvy beauty has been wearing ill-fitting clothes in public.  Hug Her.

4: Jamie Lynn Spears- 16 and pregnant has to be hard.  Hug her!

3: Paris Hilton  Miley Cyrus- She actually works and she works hard.

2: Lindsay Lohan- Now that she calls herself an “out of work” actress, she has time to get a hug.


1:  Britney Spears- Don’t ask why.  You already know. wenn1033090000x0150x150.jpeg

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