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Jamie Lynn Spears: Turns Pregnancy into T.V. Paycheck

March 7, 2008

Well, who would have thought?

Jamie Lynn Spears, a pregnant 16- yr old girl and unwed mom-to-be has turned her fiasco of a life into a paycheck.

She is making a special guest appearance on the ABC’s new show, “Miss/Guided”, which premiers March 18.

This is fine, but I still think it sends a mixed message. Jamie Lynn happens to be in the position to be able to find suitable work during her pregnancy and still receive attention and kudos. She’s just in a different world.

I have mentored young women who cannot even get to high school because daycare funding have been cut and they didn’t have anyone to watch their children while they went to school.

Jamie Lynn will never have to experience anything like that.

So, it’s a fine line. Jamie Lynn is going to play a troubled teen on T.V., but in reality she’s got a pretty comfy life.

I am not as concerned about Jamie Lynn Spears as I am about the legions of girls who watch her and possibly emulate her.

The younger sister of BRITNEY SPEARS, Jamie Lynn, who stars in her own show, “Zoey 101,” on Nickelodeon, made headlines last year when she announced she is expecting a baby with boyfriend CASEY ALDRIDGE.

Seriously McMillan’s “She So Ghetto” Jamie Lynn Spears


The Hoes Of Hollywood

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