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10 Names Women Hate To Be Called

March 12, 2008

I will be the first to say that I use these words here on my blog to make a point.

I hate to have to use them, but they do mean what they mean.

For instance, if an actress or singer is engaging in “hoochie” behavior, then I will call it out.

According to the Urban Dictionary a hood rat is “A woman of questionable repute. Someone whom you should deny having “been with”.

If any woman is doing the acts of a hood rat,

then I will call this behavior out.

Sometimes, celebrities make it too easy. But, for the rest of us that have decency and self-respect…we loathe being labeled the following.

1. Hoochie (Combined with Mama)

2. Bitch (Sometimes combined with Ass or Dirty)

3. Hoe (Combined sometimes with Skank, Stank ,Trick or Crack)

4. Slut

5. Skank (Sometimes Stank)

6. Nigga (Combined with Bitch or Hoe)

7. Gold Digga

8. Hood Rat

Trashy (Combined with Bitch, Ass or Hoe)

Ghetto (Combined with Bitch, Ass, Hoe and more)

To the respectable ladies, don’t let anyone get away with calling you any of these names.

Men, don’t do it. You are asking for a verbal castration if you do.

An excerpt from “She So Ghetto- What U need 2 know 2 go from Hood Rat-2-Social Butterfly” by Seriously McMillanTip of the Day.

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