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Keshia Knight Pulliam: From “Rudy” to “Booty”

March 12, 2008
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Alright. I am not going to rag on Keshia Knight Pulliam…much.

There she is in all her beauty. She is very pretty.

Again, you know I don’t like the hoochie look.

But on a hoochie scale from 1 to 10…this rates about a 6.

It certainly could be worse.

From “Rudy”…

Seriously McMillan’s “She So Ghetto” little keisha knight pulliam

To Booty…

Seriously McMillan’s “She So Ghetto” Keisha Knight Pulliam/ Rudy Huxtable 2

Seriously McMillan’s “She So Ghetto” Keisha Knight Pulliam/ Rudy Huxtable

See Our Update On Keisha Here!

The Hoes Of Hollywood

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  1. Brain permalink
    May 5, 2008 2:33 am


    you go Girl!! People want to keep you in a time warp and keep you as “Baby Rudy” to the end of time.” Hey, I loved “The Cosby Show” and really loved “little” Rudy, she was so spunky and so huggable (guess guys want to do a lot more than hug her these days!). But time moves on, and Keisha’s now a 28-9 year old woman. And with no disrespect to the other fine sista’s on that show, imho, of the Cosby kids, she’s grown into the most beautiful by far… (and btw, like the others, including Malcolm J-W, she went and got her college degree, from Spelman no less, so she’s got beauty and brains)…. So I say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and Girlfriend’s definitely GOT IT… Besides, it’s not like she’s disgracing Rudy’s image. I’ve neither seen no KK-P nudes nor porno shoots.

    Tell me what’s she’s done that’s so bad?

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