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White Trash Girls Prove Private Schools Don’t Work- Part 2

March 29, 2008

I wish I could meet these girls and have lunch with them…or at least just talk with them.

Why? Because, I don’t hate them. I know they need to be educated. It must be explained that all black women do not act like “them”.   I am up for the job.

The guy on youtube that has these videos on his channel is named whiteflash124.

If you know these girls, tell them to email me.

They couldn’t forget an email like mine.

I really find their videos offensive because when Barack Obama talked about “TYPICAL WHITE PERSON”, this is what he meant, yet he was scrutinized.

Here’s what he was talking about. Those who would rather belittle than understand.

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  1. March 29, 2008 10:57 pm

    It’s a shame that kids act like that…Probably a direct result of their parents…It gives many others a bad name…but isn’t that what it is always all about? One thing said or done by someone is always taken as representing everyone…we only hear the bad things–for instance, if a teacher sleeps with their students all teachers take a hit. If one preacher says something others don’t agree with, all preachers take a hit. If Obama says something generalizing the typical white person, all black people take a hit. It is awful to say, but isn’t it true? I guess we can thank the idiots like the girls in the video for making all white girls look like idiots.

  2. March 29, 2008 11:15 pm


    There may have been something to that whole process of forced sterilization of the mentally retarded…I think I found three people who would be perfect candidates for a modern test run.

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