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BEST OF THE BLOG 2008: Ghetto Video of the day: Ghetto Pep Talk

March 31, 2008

I really want to agree with the young lady in the video.

I do to a certain extent, but I think she lost me on the delivery.

The point of what she is saying cannot come across as clearly as I would like to see it because she fouls it up with language.

I post my the english translation below the video.

Watch the video. Read the translation.

“Hello everyone. I am going to speak to you about women that are looking for men. Some men claim they cannot find a decent woman because some women are gold diggers.
I believe that women should acquire their own financial portfolio. Women should drive their own automobiles. Don’t try to live your life through your boyfriend. Men really love women who are educated and are financially stable.
Women should not wait to be taken care of by a man.
I  actually look forward to having my own luxuries. I am 20 years old. I have set goals for myself and my life.
I find that many women are lacking the ability to provide for themselves. Men do not like women who want to use men for their money.
My advice is that you start making plans for your future. Again, I am 20-years-old and I have had a troubles in my life that I have overcome.
There are older women who have not learned this lesson. So, it’s best to learn this lesson while you are young.
Have faith. If you get your act together and meet a nice guy, you can fall in love and everything will be fine.”
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