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Ghetto Pic of the day: The Truth About Haters

April 1, 2008

Seriously McMillan’s “She So Ghetto” Politically Correct Toon

This really hits home about one of the core beliefs of my blog. Part of loving yourself is having modesty.

In some circles, I am a “HATER” because I stand against immoralities which some women view as acceptable. Need examples? Check out some of this blog. You’ll catch my drift!

I loathe the ideology of trashy women because they give women like me and my friends a bad name.

I want women & men of every race to learn from my blog as well as enjoy it.

I say that to say this…

If you are not african-american, I want you to know that not all african-american women are ghetto or trashy. I say this as a disclaimer to people outside of my race.

I could go into Oprah zone, but she already has the persona of a strong woman.

If you are not black, then know this, most black women are strong black women. Most women are strong women, period.

I believe I am one of them, yet it’s a daily struggle to “prove” myself to everyone that I am not the stereotypical black woman. I am just a woman, who happens to be black.

I’m woman who loves the 80’s… a woman who loves watching silly stuff on Youtube…a woman who happens to be a former classmate of Carmen Electra (It’s true!).

Most black women do NOT participate what I post here. Most black women do not condone the acts of trashy black women. Just like most women do not condone what I show here, period.

If you are driving along and you see a trashy black woman, I want you to think of me…Think of this blog.

Remember: Not all black women are trashy.

Think: This woman may be trashy…and happens to be black.

I write this blog to expose ALL women who are trashy, with the hope of making them an example of what “not” to do.

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