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Resident Idiot Video: Ghetto Girls Make Me Laugh

April 1, 2008

On a tip-toe through YouTube again I find this bumbling character.

Wow, this guy scares me. Really!!!

What scares me is his dishonesty. He can make videos about ghetto girls making him laugh, but he wouldn’t tell the “ghetto” girls what he thinks. He even says why in his video. He says he’s afraid they will pull out their switchblades and cut up his face.

He has no sense of culture or experience. This young man has a slew of videos about how he’s not racist and he is scared of Emo Kids. He’s smiles in their faces and makes fun of them behind them back. WOW!

I can’t help it. This guy’s an idiot. Being an idiot can be a temporary phase. He hope he snaps out of it.

By the way, he happens to look like a “chav” and you know I am on a chav rant right now!

On the otherside of the same dime, I find him just as fascinating because of his lack of cultural experience and his videos are like watching a lab rat in an experiment. Let’s watch.

The following was my comment to his video:

I write a blog about “not” being ghetto & I am black. What’s fascinating about this video is this young man seems uneducated. Im not talking about “schooling”. It seems he lives his life “protecting his face” & living life randomly making videos about people he chooses not to understand. I encourage anyone who’s thoughts are similar 2 experience helping sick kids or helping less fortunates. In fairness, this guy looks like a CHAV. Search Youtube for Chav! No harm, no foul! -Seriously McMillan

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