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Bobby Brown’s Book: Calling Whitney Houston Out

April 3, 2008

she so ghetto bobby brown book coverI’ll tell you…

One of the worst “reality” shows I saw was that “Whitney-Bob” job of a hack show called Being Bobby Brown.

I was embarassed to watch it. At home in my own living room…Alone. Like someone was going to make fun of me.

I wanted to scream…to say “Stop embarassing me, Whitney. Bobby, stop making fart jokes. Stop making a mockery of black people, fools.”

I also thought, “Hummm, my goodness. They have all that money and they “still stoopid”!

I don’t know which was worse. Whitney and Bobby’s reality show nightmare or Britney Spears and K-Fed’s soft porn reality disaster.

Now, Bobby Brown did the “injured spouse” thing and lined up a whole bunch of complaints and commentary about his marriage to a former high profile celebrity and wrote them down, put a cover on it (with his face, of course) and made it a book. The secrets, the lies….

One potential fracture on their blissful union was Brown’s now-admitted infidelity.

“Women are always throwing themselves at you,” he writes. “I’m only human, so I would make the mistake and bite the hook sometimes. I let the testosterone take over.”

That’s a given. Can’t see how this is an “issue”. State officials do it. Former presidents do it. It’s almost like becoming a “Frat” brother. Cheating is just an initiation… right guys? Now they all belong to a “special” cheaters club.

How could there be any more secrets or lies than this? We know that Bobby went to jail for drugs…He’s had jail time for baby mama drama…Whitney is a druggie…Uh, their careers are burried in an avalanche of addictions with no beacons for a rescue… But wait…

“I never used cocaine until after I met Whitney.” he says… Oh boy, the devil she made him do it!

So, what the hell is going to be in the book that soooo interesting and that we couldn’t “google” search and find a gazillion articles already saying the same thing?

Would I buy the book?

Will you?

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