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Sloppy Celebrity Pic of the day: The Britney Spears Collection

April 5, 2008

You too can look this sorry.

Get ready.  Get set.  The new Britney Spears Collection is hitting stores this summer.

Here’s Britney modeling some of her trashy-wear right now.

Britney is sporting:

  1. The slide off you skirt- This is the one to wear.  Look trash-tastic in a skirt that just wont stay on.  Let your thong shine.
  2. Peek-a-thong- Every guy or bisexual girl will love you in your peek-a-thong.  Wear with your Slide-Off-You skirt for a special touch.
  3. No-Holds Bra- Let your bosom swing and sway back in forth in this bra with absolutely no support.  You too can feel free.  Hell, just don’t wear a bra!
  4. Granny’s bag- Filled with advice and wisdom that you chose to ignore and now your life is a living hell.
  5. Spears Stretch Lace Tank- Don’t forget to buy it 3 sizes to small for a shrunken fit.

As you know, this may be a joke, but her outfit is totally trailer.

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  1. fruitfly permalink
    April 5, 2008 3:16 pm

    the granny bag…oh, if only she had opened it a few years ago…


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