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Ghetto Around The Globe: Extreme Hip Hop in Japan

April 8, 2008


It’s Seriously and I’ll tell you something…

I love finding out how the hip-hop culture has influeneced the world.

I don’t have a problem with the hip-hop culture, I have a HUGE problem with the hip-hop inspired “ghetto” culture. Let me explain a bit. The “ghetto” mentality is what I am against. Look at my posts, you’ll get my drift.

I love dress up though and I used to have these cool leopard print platform boots with a 6 1/2 heels, you know, when the Spice Girls were out the first time. So, this stuff just brings out the playful girl in me, without having a hoochie attitude to match.

One culture I have a true affection for is Japanese Pop Culture. So, when I found out that Japanese girls love hip-hop soooo much that they turn to “darkening” their skin to look like their favorite hip-hop star- I laughed. Thank goodness for bronzer.

“Despite popular belief B-Gyaru aren’t trying to look like Black women, they are copying R&B artists who are predominately African American. The style is distinguishable only by a very dark tan(whereas Yamanba/Ganguro/Gonguro are mostly tan make-up or bronzer, the B-Gyaru tan is 100% permanent with upkeep of course) and the hairstyles which are mostly micro-braids, cornrows, and almost always extensions.”

She So Ghetto

“This style like Ganguro is taken up a notch. This style requires a super dark tan, super white contouring make-up, and white lipstick. Sometimes bleached white or silver streaked hair is also common.”

She So Ghetto Girls of Japan

Throwing up their “gang” signs. (LOL)

I truly want to start taking my fun and dress-up as seriously as these ladies. What fun. Can you imagine?

I’ll skip the hip-hop, thank you…

Hummm, who will I dress up like? Don’t know, but this is better than anime!


The Hoes Of Hollywood

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  1. jenna deda permalink
    May 12, 2008 7:09 pm

    racist no matter how you slice it people come on this is not ghetto its minstrel show

  2. May 16, 2008 6:02 pm

    go get married and hush up!


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