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Tom Cruise: Keeping My Baby-Not You, Katie!

April 8, 2008

She So Ghetto Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Split

I found this article to share with all you “Katie Holmes-O-bot” lovers out there. Katie seems to be in deep poo-poo.

“Tom Cruise has warned his emotionally fragile wife Katie Holmes he’ll take their daughter Suri if the troubled actress can’t withstand the demands of their celebrity lifestyle.

Struggling under the intense pressure of being Mrs Tom Cruise, an increasingly gaunt and confused Katie has recently been plagued by blinding headaches and frightening fainting spells.

With her emotional torment threatening to overwhelm her, Tom has laid down the law — telling his wife to shape up or risk being sidelined as a mum.

“Tom has been patient with Katie, supportive of her feelings and how she needed to get used to her new life. But he feels enough is enough,” says a source.

Frail and confused
Katie’s role in little Suri’s life has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months, with mother and daughter not seen in public together since mid-January. While Katie is reported to be struggling with her child’s behaviour, a relaxed Tom was last week seen taking his daughter — who turns two next week — to an LA park, with Katie nowhere in sight.

Small triumph
Compounding the pressure is the fact that Tom, 45, regularly goes off on his own for days at a time, leaving Katie, 29, and Suri in the hands of Scientology minders, says a source. Katie even revealed in a recent interview that Tom “works for 48 hours straight [and then] comes home”.

An already-fragile Katie is only adding to her frustration by looking for small ways to fight A-list excesses. She’s said to have refused Tom’s idea of a $550,000 party for Suri’s 2nd birthday on April 18 — complete with a Cirque du Soleil performance — in favour of a smaller affair.”

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