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My Real Name Is NOT Miley Cyrus

April 10, 2008

So, I just crawled out from under my comfy lil’ rock to find that the current “IT” girl (strategically brought to you by Disney) is not who she says she is.

I wondered. Who would name a child ‘Miley’. Not that it’s an ugly name. It’s a cutie name for a cutie girl. But, it didn’t sound authentic. It sounds hatched.

Then when I found out that her name is NOT MIley Cyrus, I was able to see why I thought her name was fake.

It is! In a sense…

Miley Cyrus is Destiny Hope?
Yes—and Billy Ray had a very special reason for giving her that name. “I had this vision that it was her destiny to bring hope to the world,” Billy Ray says. “And as a baby, she just kept smiling all the time. So her name was Destiny Hope, but I started calling her Smiley. Then as you start talking to a baby, you start dropping the S’s off the front end, and pretty soon Smiley became Miley.”

She So Ghetto Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Destiny Hope

Now, she really has the best of both worlds names.

What really brought this to my attention was an article that “Miley” is becoming trademarked.

That’s right. I guess for her post-Disney days, she’ll have to leave the Hannah Montana name behind but she can pick up where she leaves off with her own branding under “Miley”.

Smart! So was Hilary Duff who branded herself similar when she was all done with Lizzie McGuire, another Disney creation.

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