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Seriously On TV: Gossip Girl Ad Too Sexy For Teens!

April 12, 2008

Seriously McmIllan Gossip Girl Ad

There’s this white hot show about a bunch of teenages pretending the know what’s best for themselves while backstabbing each other, making out, kissing, being rich hoochie mamas and papas, and last but not least… they’re about 16-17 years old….Right?

Yeah, right. This Gossip Girl show sux. What the hell are they doing with this? Honestly, it’s a rip-off of Beverly Hills 90210 mixed with the series Popular. I know this show is based on popular young adult/ teen drama novels, but it would be all the more interesting if they threw in a couple of vamps or robotic aliens.

Anyway, this little vid is a promotion for Gossip Girl and the new shows that will begin airing April 21.

I have scheduled to have my nose hair plucked instead of watching. Nose hair plucking will hurt less than watching 16 year olds feeling each other up.

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