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Seriously On Film: I’m Indiana Jones, Biach!

April 17, 2008

She So Ghetto Indiana Jones Summer Movies

We can all mark our spring calendar by three things:

  1. The tulips are blooming.
  2. The baseball spring training has commenced.
  3. Summer Movies are a buzz!

And the GODFATHER of the summer movie season would have to be Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and his 4th Indy movie: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

[Go ahead, say it 5 times FAST! I swear I did and came out saying “…tha klindom of tha crittall kalls”]

Now, there is buzz and not so buzz flying around about this movie. Some say it’s too long at 2h 20m. I don’t think so. I saw and love the 1980’s cable version of Dune at 4h 20m. Why the hell would I complain? Others say to keep your expectations on the “low”. Does this imply that the script is lunchmeat? Woah, Mr. Anderson, right?

I remember hearing something similar about Spiderman 2, which is my favorite of the Spiderman series.

Now, industry insiders are trying to get a peep of this flick, but it’s safe to say it will be screened when it’s too late to really criticize the film and just days before the films release. There is a reported scheduled screening this week, but it will be for Paramount exec’s eyes only. This is a re-screening. Just like proofreading before you make your final copy and go to press.

Can Spielberg open his can of movie whoop-ass to make this film work?

Has it just been to long since we’ve seen Indiana Jones that we are looking for someone to recover his lost VHS tapes in “Raiders of the Lost VCR?”

“Don’t look, Marion! Just Keep your eyes shut!”

The movie buzz is out, my friend. It will be difficult to steer this film into an iceberg at the box office. Everyone is already frothing at the mouth for more Shia, Harrison and of course, Indiana Jones.

A fifth Indiana Jones film is being “considered”.


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