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Seriously On Religion: Smoking Weed With Jesus?

April 21, 2008

Yes, weed.

I am talking about weed.  The kind you smoke.  I don’t smoke.  I can’t smoke because I hate smoke.  I have never had the urge to smoke.  I don’t smoke weed either, obviously.  It’s just a line I could not cross.

But the pastor of a this controversial church feels that God made herbs and herbs don’t hurt.

This video is of a real…100% real church in Los Angeles, CA.

I am a little baffled at their stance on things.  I mean, they sell stickers of Ron Jeremy’s face (Yeah, that Ron Jeremy), Gotti and others.

So, I would say, as far as religions go… they fit in the Misc. group.  A little Jesus…a little Judaism…a little weed?

I only report what’s out there.  It’s strange, but true.  Don’t crucify the messenger!

Below in blue is commentary taken from Youtube where I found the video.

“What’s real about this video?

  • SO, YES this [Minister] guy is for real.
  • YES, that is his wife in the gift shop showing me the shirts and stickers.
  • YES it is a real church and i have attended services and let me say there are MUCH worse things people can be doing than smoking weed and praising god at the same time.
  • I live in Los Angeles, and this is the LAST place people should think is bad. How about gangs? How about rapists? How about violent robbers? Thieves? Child molesters? All these people should be put in jail, not a Reverend who smokes weed. What harm is he doing? NOTHING.

(spoiler warning below. read after watching the video)

What was NOT REAL in the video:

  • There is a clip of Rev. Craig X preaching, then it cuts to the audience and there’s only one member. That was done as a joke…I used footage of the actual service, then cut in clips of only me in the audience that I filmed later.
  • The actual services have a good number of people attending them.
  • Also, I AM [Joking] WITH MRS. X (obviously unbeknownst to her) in the giftshop.
  • For example, I say “who is that?” and she says “the porno guy. JON…” and i quickly go “Jon Jacobies!” and she says “no it’s Jon Jeremy.” then I say “Are you sure? I think that’s one of the presidents. It looks like Taft.”
  • She is being serious, but I am being facetious…  I hope that clears things up…


Short film by Watch Your Mouth Productions.

Directed by Tim Hussar

For more info on the filmmaker, visit”

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  1. April 21, 2008 1:58 am

    Hey the 70’s smoking thing is funny..i swear you have the funniest sense of humor…i did copy the the how much is your blog worth..i cant seem to figure out how to put in a pic in place of a blog name…like the she is so ghetto picture ahahahahhahah..anyways great site

    Zman sends

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