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Now, That’s Ghetto!: “I Pee On 3-yr-olds!”

April 23, 2008


“Aaron Hunter, urinated on a three-old child because he was mad at his mother.”

What the hell is this? Some trashy guy decides to take a leak on a kid because he’s angry with someone else?

Talk about projecting your anger.

” Aaron Hunter [also known as first class dumb ass], 29, was arrested at about 4 a.m. on one count of child abuse and one count of battery by throwing fluids. “

A woman called authorities after defending herself from Hunter by punching him, police said. The woman said Hunter was intoxicated and acting aggressive and also urinated on the child, according to a police report.

Officers made contact with Hunter, who said he was intoxicated and knew he urinated on the child but did not remember anything else, according to police.Hunter was treated for a wound and received stitches on his chin before being taken to the Lake County Jail.”

If this guy ever becomes a dad, I know payback will be a bitch!

She So Ghetto Ghetto Trashy Men

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