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Seriously’s Social Life: Let’s DO This! (Repost)

April 23, 2008

For those of you who live online rather than reality, like me, I would like to invite you to all of the social networks’ stuff I frequent.

It’s not a vast list, but it would be like running into a friend at the grocery. Like, “Hey, you’re here, too? You’re cool.” or “Damn, you here, too. I’m logging off.” (LOL)

I don’t know many bloggers who do not Technorati. And, so do I.

I Digg alot, as well.

For all those cool folks that message me at, hang in there. I will get to ya.

Check this out. I have no Facebook Friends…(sniff…sniff) Are you going to be my first?

Twitter is cute. It’s fun there, too. Do you twitter?

My Blog Log is another cool place I frequent.

So, check me out. Join me. Follow me, befriend me…Just don’t stalk.

Very soon, I am going to Fark.

She So Ghetto technorati Pic SerioulsyMcmillan

She So Ghetto My Blog Log SerioulsyMcmillan

She So Ghetto Twitter Myspace SerioulsyMcmillan

She So Ghetto Twitter Facebook SerioulsyMcmillan

I am on:

She So Ghetto Twitter SerioulsyMcmillan

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