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Orlando Brown, ‘Raven’ Star, Pops Up After Missing For Days

April 24, 2008

She So Ghetto That\'s So Raven Olando BrownLOS ANGELES — Orlando Brown, a star of Disney Channel’s “That’s So Raven,” has been found a day after his publicist reported him missing.

The 20-year-old actor and aspiring musician disappeared Tuesday morning without word. He re-emerged Wednesday and issued a lengthy statement.

I must admit, I did see this one coming. As That’s So Raven wound down, everyone on the show got…plump…to say the least.

It seems to me, and I am no doctor, that this is just a stress issue that eventually led to this “Marie Osmond” episode in his life. For those of you who don’t know, several years back Marie Osmond left in a cab that drove her for days and she “went missing”.

“It was wrong for me not to inform my manager … about my whereabouts, especially when I am usually so routine and big on communication, but I felt a little lost and needed to get away,” Brown said in a statement released Wednesday by his publicist, Elayne Rivers.

Brown went on to say he was upset at “how we as entertainers are so disrespected at times” after an incident at a nightclub where he had expected to open for the headlining act.

“I felt that that was my chance to prove that I was talented and I was really excited,” Brown said. “When I was told that I couldn’t perform… that really hurt. … It got a bit overwhelming and I needed to be alone.”


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