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Seriously On Jodie-More Jodie Marsh Antics

April 28, 2008

This chick just keeps popping up. Somehow, she seems like the UK answer to Paris HIlton.

A little sleazy, easy and cheesy.

She does things to get attention. She claims she likes getting tattoos because she’s addicted to the pain of it and the pain feels “good”.

She has a tattoo that says “God” on one wrist and a scribbled out ex-boyfriends name on the other.

Just off the bloody hook, she is.

She goes so far as to say, “don’t copy me; Don’t ever do what I do.”

Here’s Jodie in her now imfamous “belt outfit”. Since this time she has had a boob job that looks utterly ridiculous. But, it’s not like she would ever stay “natural”. The boob job was the natural progression of this publicity whore.

Click Here to see JODIE after her boob job.

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