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No BitchAssNess: Same Message, Different Flava!

May 1, 2008

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto bitchassness bitch ass ness tee shirtI would say that I make some of the same types of commentary in my boo, ‘She So Ghetto’.

No BitchAssNess…?!

You know, the same as Puffy Sean John P. Diddy.

Same message, different flava.

I don’t like whiny, lazy people that are really just spoiled brats that need an ass whoopin’ behind the tool shed.

Gosh, I cannot be a whiny, lazy person and I abhor anyone who is.

So, although I cannot totally endorse this tee shirt that Diddy has with the “No Bitchassness” slogan, I do understand where he’s coming from.

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