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Bobby & Whitney: When Crazy Folks Have Kids

May 2, 2008

Are Bobby and Whitney crazy?  Well, maybe not in the medical sense, but they have done some stupid sh*t.

And now, their daughter is feeling the pain from it all…at least….the National Enquirer claims that little Bobby Kristina, now age 15, has attempted suicide and tried to stab her mother, Whitney Houston.

I am not trying to make this situation seem comical, it certainly is not… but when your kid is attempting suicide…there are serious problems.

Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and their daughter, Bobby Kristina.

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto bobby brown whitney houston bobby kristina

The National Enquirer reported Thursday that Bobbi Kristina, the 15-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, tried to stab her mother during an argument – and then attempted to slash her own wrists.

The tabloid claims to have gotten the news from a family member named Ann Davis, who said the episode took place a few days before the teen’s 15th birthday party. According to Davis, Bobbi Kristina “tried to stab Whitney” with a razor before turning it on herself.

Davis said the girl has been troubled lately because she doesn’t want to live with her mother, who just performed in Tobago last weekend and has been living in Los Angeles while recording a new album.

The Enquirer reported that Bobbi Kristina has been “running around and drinking and partying” in Atlanta while living with Whitney’s brother Gary and his wife. When Whitney came to Atlanta to confront her daughter, they had a heated argument that resulted in BK’s reported attempt to slice her mother before committing suicide.

She was immediately taken to a psychiatric ward for a three day stay, the Enquirer reported.


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