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Beyonce’s Baby Bump- It’s Official!

May 3, 2008

Well folks…

Shotgun wedding aside…

Beyonce is prego with the spawn of Jay-Z.

Uh-Huh!  Just what we thought, right?

  • A secret wedding on the down-low.
  • A QUICK secret wedding on the down-low.
  • “The Stick Turned Pink”: Quick wedding on the down low.

That’s right, Beyonce.  If he’s milking it…He better marry it.  The cow, that is.

At least she won’t be a baby mama.  There’s enough of those.

But, damn.  Check out this mug!  Jay-Z must have a face only Beyonce and his mother could love.  He rates very low on the handsome scale.  Sorry, Beyonce.  I hope the baby is cute, though.

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto wedding beyonce Jay-Z Baby

Beyonce and her new hubby Jay-Z are about to go from newlyweds to new parents, according to “Beyonce is 100 percent pregnant, which is why the couple rushed their wedding,” a source close to the hip-hop honeys told the Web site. The source added that the friends and family who attended their ultra-private New York wedding were all aware that Beyonce was already expecting. The site reports that Beyonce is in the early stages of her pregnancy. But don’t expect a confirmation anytime soon – the couple has yet to admit they wed.


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