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Seriously On Politics: Racial Slurs From The Clinton Camp?

May 4, 2008

I rarely talk about politics. That’s just because EVERYONE else talks politics.

Nevertheless, I felt this one was worth repeating.

Some say it’s a hoax. Others say it’s real.

Remember: Don’t shoot the messenger.

Why has Hillary Clinton not denounced and “rejected” Mickey Kantor as well as James Carville and George Stephanopoulos (you know, the guy who was steadily going after Obama in the ABC “debate”) who high-fived Kantor’s denigration of voters and racial slur. This was a documentary that the Clinton’s participated in called “The War Room”; so there’s little chance that this is a secrete to them.

If it is, it’s high time Senator Clinton denounce and reject these three; now!

This is what Clinton’s close confidants say about the voters when they KNOW the cameras are rolling; wonder what they say about us behind our backs.

The video is from 1992.


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