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Seriously On Pets: The World’s Smartest Fish Plays Sports

May 5, 2008

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto comet smart fish

Finding Nemo only scratched the surface of what it meant to be a smart fish.

Now meet Comet. The Basketball playing, soccer ball pushing, tube scooting whammy of a smart goldfish.

He shoots…He scores.

He can go through an obstical course without sweating one fin.

[No, I am not done with all the fish puns]

See Comet Go! See Comet in action! See Comet…

…We interrupt this post for an english lesson from Seriously McMillan…

Wait I just had a thought- Why do we say “Go Fish” when the word “fish” is a noun or wait it’s verb, too…Hummmm? Why is the word “fishing” used to describe an action of what you are going to do with a noun/fish. DO you really go “fishing”?

It’s not like skiing…A ski is a noun but it’s inanimate. So then, why don’t call a “fish” a “fishing” instead of a “fish”, so we can properly say, “Im fishing…” or does that work?….

…We interrupt Seriously McMillan’s english lesson….Now back to the Post about Comet: The World’s Smartest Fish….

Roll The Video Below!

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