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Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams Becomes College Grad

May 8, 2008

I wrote a post about celebrity high school dropouts, now let’s go 180° to check out a 45-year old college grad named Vanessa Williams!

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto vanessa williams

Vanessa Williams will finally graduate from college 25 years after leaving college.  And you thought it took four-years to get a four-year degree.

The 45-year-old actress-singer, who stars in ABC’s “Ugly Betty,” will also deliver the convocation address Saturday to graduates of Syracuse’s College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Williams attended Syracuse’s drama department as a musical theater major from 1981-1983. She earned the remaining credits for her degree through industry experience and performances on stage and screen.

So, Vanessa worked while being a college student.  Like, that’s not special!

In 1983, Williams became the first black Miss America.

She surrendered the title in July 1984 after Penthouse magazine published nude, sexually explicit photographs of her taken several years earlier.  This did not give her “street cred” as it would have nowadays.

Over her career, Williams has sold more than 4 million albums, won critical praise for her performances on Broadway, made dozens of TV appearances and starred in several movies.

She has won a Tony, received two NAACP Image Awards and nine Grammy nominations.

In 1996, Williams received the George Arents Pioneer Medal, the university’s most prestigious alumni award.

Excuse me, how do you get an alumni award from a school you didn’t graduate from?  Just a thought…


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