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Need A Bigger Booty? Buy An Ass Online

May 13, 2008



Hood Rat…

My least favorite words…but they fit this non-endorsement.

I ran across this and I thought, how stupid…

Then I remembered that I saw this girl on Dr. 90210 or something like it and she got booty implants so she could look “sexier” in bikini shots for modeling.

Ouch, how do you sit down. It just sounds nasty. Then, I saw this:

seriously mcmillan\'s she so ghetto bigger booty pads

In light of last week’s news that big butts might boost your health and the near-idolatry of Gisele/Gisele, Beyoncé, and Jessica Biel’s best assets, it’s no surprise that big booties have become big business.

Theres a couple of low brow companies out there selling booty. That’s right. They are selling booty pads that are attached to underwear to take you from flatter to flat. Talk about being a “fake ass”.

Isn’t she just arching her back a bit more to give her a tooty booty in the “after” pic? Plus, why didn’t they give her balloons in the “before” pic?


Oprtical illusions…!

They look stupid because you know it’s not your booty and you are walking around with pillows pads in your pants while all the guys oogle at…pillow pads in your pants.

Just be natural.

You may not have this booty and it’s ok.

seriously mcmillan\'s she so ghetto deelishis

I guess they are making money, I am not here to endorse, but you can read more about them at my source.


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  1. May 14, 2008 2:54 pm

    Whats the point? You attract someone with your shapely booty…once it comes time to get “nekkid” the gig is up….I imagine it puts quite a damper on the mood when a rubber booty has to be tossed on the nightstand…

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