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Seriously On Britney: Britney Spears Bumping Cars Again.

May 14, 2008

Will someone save the world from Britney Spears driving?

Doesn’t all her little crash-ups, runovers and fender benders equal up to a “Gimme Your License” or shouldn’t have to go to a court ordered driving school?

I thought she was headed back home to Louisiana where theres a lot of open space, sticks and muddy roads.

That’s plenty of space for her to run into….the air.

she so ghetto seriously mcmcillan britney spears in car

LOS ANGELES — Another Britney Spears fender-bender, another instant online video.

Paparazzi had cameras rolling when the pop star’s white Mercedes-Benz coupe rear-ended a red Ford Explorer Tuesday in Beverly Hills.

The video, posted on, shows Spears in the driver’s seat. Wearing a ponytail and aviator shades, she covers her mouth with her hand after realizing she hit the car in front of her.

No one was injured and police were not involved. Photos and video do not reveal any visible damage to either car.

The 26-year-old’s bodyguard, who was riding in the passenger seat, gave Spears’ information to the female driver of the SUV.


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