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Seriously On WTF?: Parents Forgot Baby At Airport

May 14, 2008

Now you know this is ghetto. I don’t care where it happened.

How are you going to leave your bouncing bundle of joy at the airport, unless you’ve been smoking something or sniffing too much jet fuel.

she so ghetto canadian planes

A family boarded a flight on Monday in westernmost Canada, and forgot their tot at the Vancouver international airport, media said Tuesday.

The 23-month-old boy’s family had just arrived in Canada from the Philippines, but they were forced to repack their overweight bags before catching a connecting flight to Winnipeg, causing them to run late.

In their sprint to the gate, the family became separated.

The boy’s father Jun Parreno, told local media he had thought his son was with his wife and the boy’s grandparents, who ran ahead. They thought the boy was with his dad.

Let me interrupt this quote. WTF? They decided to play the “I thought you had him” game. You play that game with your car keys, not with your child.

On the plane, the family members were seated separately and so did not immediately realize they had left the child behind.

Sometime later, a security guard found the boy, who speaks no English, wandering near the departure gate, and Air Canada officials tracked down his shocked parents on the flight.

Because the boy was so young, he was not issued a boarding pass and would have sat on a parent’s lap during the flight, so airline personnel did not notice a passenger was missing.

According to the Vancouver Sun, airport security found a Tagalog-speaking Air Canada agent who looked after the child while his father flew 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles) back to Vancouver to pick him up and then return to Winnipeg to rejoin the immigrant family on their first day in Canada.

The baby was kept in Air Canada’s offices and staff found him some toys, said local media.

“Air Canada took good care of him,” Parreno told the daily Winnipeg Free Press upon arrival. “I’m grateful.”

Here in OH, a school official left her baby in the car, the baby dies and she still got away with it… scott free. Read about that here! So, I can see how these parents won’t be penalized.

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  1. May 14, 2008 8:52 pm

    Hey thanks for stopping my blog so I disocivered yours. I am doing something I hardly ever do, not that it is any kind of big honor or anything–it is being immediately added to my blogroll–which was sadly lacking in smart sassy hoochie mamas:)


  2. cacklinrose permalink
    May 14, 2008 10:49 pm

    Sometimes the more people you have “watching” your child the less safe it is. It’s that adage where Everyone thought Someone was doing it, but it turned out Nobody had.

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