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Sean Penn: When In France, Have A Smoking Revolution

May 15, 2008

Sean Penn is always anti.  Anti this, anti that…Just a bad boy.  And, we embrace him for it.

Now, this smoking thing, we don’t like, Sean.  I mean, no one is trying to stop you from smoking.  We don’t want you to quit for us.  You look like you enjoy it waaaay too much.  But think of the lungs of others.

Some people just don’t want to inhale what you exhale.  You know, it’s called unfiltered second hand smoke.

Thank you for smoking while understanding.

US actor and director Sean Penn lit up and led a minor revolt at the Cannes film festival against France‘s draconian new anti-smoking laws.

Penn, the head of the jury that will pick the best films, pulled out a cigarette and puffed on it at a press conference with fellow jury members, in defiance of laws in place since January that ban smoking in public enclosed spaces.

He only took a couple of drags before putting it aside and getting back to answering reporters’ questions.

But jury member Marjane Satrapi, an Iranian director clearly inspired by her colleague’s defiance, then asked to much laughter if anyone minded if she smoked “for medical reasons.”

She then lit a cigarette, with Penn and French actress Jeanne Balibar quickly following suit.

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