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Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz Get Married Amidst Baby Mama Rumors

May 18, 2008

Ashlee Simpson Pete Wentz She So GhettoAshlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz got married Saturday night (May 17) in an intimate ceremony, their spokesperson confirmed to People magazine.

So another young couple take the leap of marriage as their fans ponder if it will last or was this just a huge fun “party” to have while throwing in some “I do’s”.

“We’re delighted to confirm that Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson were married this evening in front of family and close friends,” the spokesperson told the mag on Saturday, when the couple reportedly exchanged vows in front of 150 guests at her parents’ Los Angeles-area home. People‘s report also apparently confirmed Ashlee’s long-rumored pregnancy, stating Simpson is “pregnant with the couple’s first child.”

Sound like a shotgun wedding. Ashlee Simpson is no ones “baby’s mama! So, she fixed this baby mama situation and made it legit!

Wentz might have been addressing his now-wife in a Wednesday post on his Web site, “In weird ways i am so different — not in any that can be told from a wrinkle or smile line,” Wentz wrote. “A little worse for wear. But you have made me a better person and given me the adventure of my life.”

Huh? He must be speaking “Wentz.” I am not fluent in gibberish!

Wentz and Simpson first started dating in late 2006, though both initially denied that they wereshe so ghetto seriouslymcmillan ashlee simpson pete wentz 2 doing so. It wasn’t until mid-2007 that they acknowledged the relationship, when Wentz gushed to In Touch magazine that “I have never met somebody who makes me feel the way she makes me feel.”

How original, we have not heard that before…Look, over all, I am happy they married. It’s better to do that than to get knocked up and have a baby daddy.


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