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Suri Cruise: The Great Sippy Cup Vs. The Bottle Debate!

May 23, 2008

Can you believe there is a debate over whether or not Suri Cruise should be drinking from a sippy cup or a bottle?

I was so shocked, I had to post my own thoughts…You know me.

I think Suri is allowed to do whatever the heck she wants. It’s up to her parents. Like it’s up to every parent to do what they think is best.

Maybe someone should give a bottle to the person who originally brought up this topic…You know, like a beer bottle ‘cuz that person needs to loosen up.

If you are a mom or dad, maybe you can identify with people who have absolutely no experience with kids but they want to tell you and “advise” you on how to raise a kid “properly”….

Can you believe that there is also gossip about a having seen Suri in public without socks and shoes? What two-year-old ALWAYS wears their socks and shoes.

I mean, come on. She may be considered ‘Hollywood Royalty’, but she’s still just a two-year old.

Since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are one of Hollywood’s most talked about couples, it’s no surprise that everyone is interested in talking about their adorable daughter Suri as well. While everyone seems to agree that she is one of the cutest kids in Tinseltown, a debate rages on about whether or not she should still be drinking from a bottle.


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  1. May 23, 2008 11:48 pm

    what’s wrong with a bottle for a two year old? My daughter was still drinking a bottle at 2. It usually had water in it. Eventually bottles didn’t hold enough water for her so we moved on to plugged sippy cups. So long as she’s not sleeping with the bottle (which is what every doctor recommends against) and it’s not harming her teeth, who cares?

    I’ll be happy when people start getting lives so they will leave “celebrities” alone.

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