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Seriously On Film: Terminator 4 Now Filming!

May 24, 2008

Concept Art for Terminator 4

The mega popular ‘Terminator’ franchise cannot be terminated, and now we have Terminator 4 in production.

The working title is “Terminator: Salvation: The Future Begins”.

Set to play the post apocolypse savior, John Connor, is Christian Bale, who may get type cast to play every ‘hero’ from here to eternity.

No word on any Cyberdyne Systems T-800’s Model 101 to return, that would be Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s make and model of ‘Terminator’. So, we don’t know if old Arnold will pop into the future from the Governor chair.

Director McG (Charlie’s Angels 1&2) is at the helm.

Apparently he’s keeping an online blog of sorts about the films progress.

Read McG’s posts about Terminator 4 here!

Concept Art Above C/O WB

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