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Dream Job?: To “Take care of stuff” For Sen. Obama

May 28, 2008

she so ghetto Reggie Love Senator Barack Obama

Talk about pressure.

For 26-yr-old B-Ball Star, Reggie Love, this might seem like a cakewalk.

What does Reggie do? He “takes care of that” for Sen. Barack Obama. You know…takes care of “this” and “that”!

When Mr. Obama dropped food on his tie while eating in the car between stops, Mr. Love was ready with a Tide pen. He always carries one, along with ballpoint pens, and has turned himself into a walking dispensary of Sharpies, stationery, protein bars, throat lozenges, water, tea, Advil, Tylenol, Purell and emergency Nicorette, not to mention his ever-present iPhone, BlackBerry and Canon Rebel XT digital camera. (Mr. Love keeps a photo journal of the campaign, and has more than 10,000 pictures so far.)

Remember “Bo knows”? The meme-like slogan that took over pop culture in the late 80’s and early 90’s

(If you are too young, LOL, work with me.) Bo Jackson was the ‘man’s sports man’. He played baseball in spring and summer and was killer in fall and winter at playing football.

So, hense the slogan, “Bo Knows…”. Bo knows baseball, football and more…This seems to be the case with Reggie Love…

Let’s say, “Reggie Love Knows…”

Mr. Love now knows that when it comes to food, Senator Obama “eats pretty much anything, from chicken wings and barbecue and ribs to grilled fish and steamed broccoli.” But when he is campaigning in a small town with limited options, a cheeseburger is always a good bet. (“Cheddar is the cheese of choice,” Mr. Love added.)

Reggie Love’s position really has no formal, official title. I would call him a right-hand man!

He knows that “the boss,” as he calls Mr. Obama, likes MET-Rx chocolate roasted-peanut protein bars and bottles of a hard-to-find organic brew — Black Forest Berry Honest Tea. He keeps a supply of both on hand.

she so ghetto Reggie Love Senator Barack Obama walking

Sen. Obama, with all due playfulness, understands that his job as Senator of IL. can still leave him stiff and uncool.

“There’s no doubt that Reggie is cooler than I am,” Mr. Obama said, laughing, in a phone interview. “I am living vicariously through Reggie.”

More about Reggie Love. It looks like he can boast about a serious ‘man’s sports man’ reputation, too. Just like Bo Jackson:

Young, eager campaign aides are stock characters in movies and on television, but few have quite the élan of Mr. Love, who, at 6-foot-5, is about three inches taller than the tall candidate, fitter than the fit candidate (he can bench press more than 350 pounds) and cooler than the cool candidate.

Mr. Love, who played football and basketball at Duke, usually starts the day with Mr. Obama with a dawn workout in the hotel gym. They end the day more than 15 hours later, often unwinding before bed by watching ESPN’s “SportsCenter” or that night’s big game. (Mr. Obama sometimes flosses his teeth to ESPN while lying down.)

After the Democratic presidential debate in Philadelphia in April, Mr. Obama borrowed a move from the rapper Jay-Z and mimed brushing off his shoulders, but it was Mr. Love who had uploaded his music to the senator’s iPod in the first place — a silver Nano that he bought the senator for his 46th birthday.

In turn, Mr. Obama said he had gotten Mr. Love into “everything from John Coltrane to Frank Sinatra.”

“I think he’s got the most eclectic music of any 26-year-old,” the senator said.


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