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How Stupid!: 12-Yr-Old Girl Banned From Playing B-Ball With Boys

May 28, 2008

she so ghetto jaime naredDon’t just call her pretty, this tall powerhouse tells the boys “game over” when she hits the basket ball court. That was until she showed a little too much ‘girl power’!

Jaime Nared may be only 12 years old, but she’s called a basketball powerhouse by teammates and already stands over 6 feet tall.

Teammates Wrote Letters to League in Support of 12-Year-Old Female Star Girl Player

I bet they did write letters. How stupid! Can you say stupid team?

Didn’t Michael Abraham, Jaime’s coach, see this coming with backlash?

Like we still accept this “you play like a girl” or “go play with dolls” mentality?

When, the honest truth is, she played better than the boys.

Her coach said the other players’ parents were fine when Jaime joining the team until she outshone their sons on the court.

“They were great … until she blocked the first shot. Then they were like, ‘Hey, we don’t want this big kid coming out and making us look bad,'” said Michael Abraham, Jaime’s coach.

What’d they do, scribble a rule on a cocktail napkin and said, “Hah, you can’t play, Jaime. We created made found a rule saying girls can’t play with boys.” Just because… I guess.

After parents complained, The Hoop, a private league that organizes the games, told Jaime she could no longer play with the boys, citing a rule that bars mixed-gender teams.

Do you smell a lawsuit cooking? Smells like a million dollars to me?


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