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Time To Play: Why Did The Celebrity Go To Rehab?

May 30, 2008

It’s getting to be a little suspicious.

Two celebrities are coming out with “I didn’t go to rehab… to got to rehab…” statements.

“Steven Tyler [Areosmith]: I Went to Rehab for Foot Surgery”

Tyler, who is father to the actress Liv Tyler, was reported to have checked into Dr. Drew’s rehab facility in Las Encinas, Calif. The center treats people suffering with drug and alcohol addictions.

That’s the statement from the “former” drug addicted singer. This smells a little too fishy not to be fish. Besides, can’t he stay home a not walk around? Did he need to go to REHAB for a foot?

“Kirsten Dunst: I Went to Rehab for Depression”

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto kirsten dunst

Ok, I thought this was plausible. But, Steven Tyler has ruined the plausibility.

Now, I am thinking…”Yeah, right!”

What a crock. Next, you’ll be hearing, “I went to REHAB to get my hair conditioned” or “I went to REHAB because the food is great!”

I don’t think I am buying the excuses the celebrities are cooking up.

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