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Seriously Asks: Is Obama Marked For Death?

June 1, 2008

Is it coincidental that all of these “Freudian Slips” regarding Barack Obama’s life and safety keep happening?

Is it just by happenstance that people keep using the words “assassinate” and Obama in the same sentence?

If you read my blog, I would say that you are very open-minded and you know that I am as well.

This post is not about who I support. It’s not even about politics. It’s about humanity. Where is it?

Let me say that Barack Obama is biracial, and it’s a totally different situation when you have two parents of different races, so I don’t really consider him “black” just because he looks “black”. Just ask Tiger Woods about this….Anyway…

How awful that a man with dark skin, who is biracial and multicutural must risk his life to run for President, and jokes, comments and snide remarks are made about his mortality?

I want to know what you, my loyal reader, thinks of this mess. This mess would include Hillary Clinton’s RFK comments and Fox News Channel’s, Liz Trotta, who was supposed to be commenting on Hillary Clinton’s RFK comments…I guess it was just too much for Liz to “stay the course”.

I post the clip from YouTube that has about 90% of Liz Trotta’s commentary. When I watched and heard what she said…I admit, I stopped listening to her. I totally tuned her out. I was stuck on what she said.

I had a “Who farted?” look on my face because it happened so fast and was so unbelievable.

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  1. June 2, 2008 10:42 pm

    what a lovely blog you run, my my, I could spend a while on your site..GOOD JOB. I love discovering new blogs!

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