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Seriously Shares Her Book: Free Excerpt From “She So Ghetto”

June 1, 2008

I have been getting a ton of readers who visit and want to know more about my book.

Ask, and you shall recieve.

How about just giving you guys a gift. A free gift.

Maybe you want to see what this Seriously McMillan chick is all about. Does she really write about in her book about the etiquette and manners and “stuff” she claims to?

Here’s the Forward chapter of my book, “She So Ghetto.”

Seriously McMIllan She SO Ghetto


To start things off right, I wanted to list the top 12 most common names slang names for women, black or white.

Do you like being called any of these?

1. Hoochie (Combined with Mama)

2. Bitch (Sometimes combined with Ass or Dirty)

3. Hoe (Combined sometimes with Skank, Stank ,Trick or Crack)

4. Whore

5. Slut/ Slutty

6. Skank

7. Nigga (Combined with Bitch or Hoe)

8. Gold Digga/ Gold Diggin’ Bitch

9. Hood Rat

10. Trashy (Combined with Bitch, Ass or Hoe)

11. Ghetto (Combined with Bitch, Ass, Hoe and more)

12. Trick (Combined with Bitch, Ass, Hoe and more)

To the respectable ladies, don’t let anyone get away with calling you any of these names.

Men, don’t even think about doing it. You are asking for a serious verbal castration if you do.

What’s really sad is that I hear women call themselves these names and defend the fact that they do it. What’s up with that?

“I hear a lot of ghetto and trashy girls refer to themselves as ” ‘Dis Bitch” or say “That’s right, I’m a bitch!”

Or, they say it about another lady. “This [Fill In The Blank With A Word From The List Above], right here!”

But, for those of us that have decency and self-respect, we loathe being labeled derogatory names.

I guess some ladies want to remain the way there are and this book is not for them, at least, right now.

But, the book is here when they are ready for a life change.

I will be the first to say that I only use these slang names and words here to make a point.

I hate to have to use them, but they do mean what they mean and the people that use them mean what they say when they use them.

For instance, if an actress or singer is engaging in “hoochie” behavior, then I will call it out. You and I would have nothing to gain by calling a person these names, but exposing the way they are portraying themselves is a different story.

Love the lady, not the “hoochie mama” attitude.

If any woman is doing the acts of a hood rat, then I will call this behavior out. It’s that simple.

Sometimes, ladies make it too easy for others to call them names, but try not to take advantage of someone’s ignorant behavior and call them names just to participate in belittling them. Don’t puff up your ego by putting someone down.

Wouldn’t that mean that your behavior would not of the utmost quality? And, that would be going against everything that I stand for and write about.

The goal is to save you and that “hoochie mama” that is acting trifling. The goal is for you to understand what this book is about and not to allow yourself or your presence to be undesirable…even to yourself.

That loud and obnoxious girl that comes to school or work with tight clothes and seemingly no scale of intelligence or the reality of life . This is the kind of lady I want to “give a clue” to in this book.

Well, let’s just say… I hope that’s not you.

I really come from a place of love when I am writing.

I love being a lady and I love ladies. Not, in a sexual sense, but I guess in an “I can identify with women because we all have a vagina and boobs” sort of way.

Seriously McmIllan she so ghettoI have a responsibility to behave like a lady in public and so do you.

I have a responsibility to my foremothers and for my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

You may not plan to have children, but what about other young girls that you have contact with?

What is your life teaching them? Don’t think little girls aren’t watching aren’t watching you. They are!

Ask yourself, “What legacy with I leave behind?”

· A hoochie mama legacy that says I sleep with “anything”, any man or penis that comes along?

· I can hold my liquor good.

· To wear clothing in public that would attract only the worst and trashiest men in the world.

· To abuse myself by “allowing” men to treat me however “they” want. (That’s a big sentence I will elaborate later.)

I am all for grace, style, class and manners in a lady.

A lady. Not a tramp. Not someone’s door mat.

A lady.

A Lena Horne kind of “Lady”.

A Grace Kelly kind of “Lady”.

These qualities are not outdated. You do not have to give up being a tough cookie.

I am not telling you to lie down and take whatever anyone dishes out to you. I am not telling you to start being mousey or subservient.

Get out there, girlfriend! Take the lead! Do it with the style and grace that you have buried inside you. Didn’t know you had it buried inside you, did you?

We are here to unearth your “Double D’s” or your “D.D.”

Your hidden inner “Distinguished Diva”!

You have it, girlfriend. You can’t flaunt it by letting your tits hang out or showing your ass crack.

That’s a step in the wrong direction.

That’s not being a lady, that’s being an amusement park…flashy, loud, and over bearing. And, when you leave an amusement park…also known as a tramp or hoochie mama, you need a break from all the excitement. Boys won’t call you and men don’t respect you. You get on the ride and you get off the ride.

You don’t go to a carnival to ride the rides or glut down fatty fried funnel cakes with pounds of powdered sugar dumped on them every day, do you?

Just think of trashy women as amusement parks…it’s not a pretty thought when you think of how an amusement park is used and trashed on a daily basis.

Don’t do this to yourself.

You have it by being refined, gracious, classy and mysterious.

The “haters” will notice your subtle changes as you read the book and apply what you are reading to your life.

You’re a “Distinguished Diva”…right?

Don’t tell the losers in your life anything…

Let them think…

Let them wonder…

Let them envy… “The New You!”

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