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Humility: How To Be Humble And Love It

June 6, 2008

I am being humble just by writing this post. I must repeat “Humility is a good virtue” like a gazillion times.

You see, I know I have a whole of things to know and learn, right? But, I want to learn them my way and in my time and that is that!

No outside interferences. I am going to “control” what life teaches me. So, ‘life’ better listen up because I want to do it my way…

Well, today I thought I was going to die or kill somebody. I was full of pride and boastful and I was giving the old “stink eye” to someone who came to do me a ‘favor.’

I was preparing to go out this job interview and I was printing business cards. Then, the manager I was supposed to have the interview with called and said there was an emergency and she would have to reschedule. This is fine.

What got me saying “whatever” was when my friend, Rikki (a female), came over and said, “Whatcha doing?”

That may mean nothing to you, but to me that means…”They are going to dip in my business!” Because Rikki is nosey, which is a strength and a curse. She meddles when she knows that she can prove what she knows from her experience. And, that’s what I felt like she was doing today…Meddling Rikki…”Whatever!””Oh, just printing business cards…I had an interview today but the lady manager just called. She had to reschedule for next week.”

“Oh, the business card look nice”, she said. “But, why are you talking about being the author of book on your business card?”

“Well, I thought I would list my credentials, you know, like things I do that are creative and different. I’m thinking say as much as I could about myself and what I do on this card, because it’s going to leave a lasting impression.” I felt it coming. Can you? The tsunami lesson.

“Well, why would you do that. This lady you have the interview with isn’t interviewing you to write a book is she?”

“No, but I am just mentioning my variety of skills.” I asnwered knowing that I had already lost the verbage battle and I letter strap in for the lesson.

“Seriously, she’s not hiring you for that. I would stay as far away from talking about you writing books as possible. You don’t want her to think that you would be writing books on the clock, do you?”

[Sigh] “No.”, I reply.

“Where’s your resume?” Rikki asked.

“It’s right here, online.”

You bet your butt I got one of those resume things that they make you write as a senior in high school. Do you know how long it’s been since I was a senior????

Rikki looks over my online resume. “This needs some updating. You haven’t updated this since 2001?”

“Not true. I updated it just last month…”

Rikki gives me that look. That look with those pursed lips like I just told her “the dog ate my home work.”

“Let me work with you, I have some time.” She offers about 3 hours of consultation to me.
Did I take it? Yes!

Did I learn from it? Yes!

Honestly, I have been out of the daily grind for so long that I almost forgot about the ‘protocals’ of getting a regular job.

Resumes, references, applications and interviews. Where the hell is all this coming from? I know what I would be doing if I was hired to do a job, so what the heck to I need to jump through all these ‘hoops’ for?

Ok… Now the “Humility” moral of the story.

You’re never too old too learn, but you can be too arrogant to learn. I was bitten by the arrogance bug today.

At first, I was offended when RIkki offered her help. I mean, I am grown. I’ve written books. I h been through child birth. I’ve had my own successful businesses. I don’t need her (even though she’s older and wiser) telling me what I should be doing, right?

No, it’s a lesson. A life lesson.

I accepted Rikki’s help and actually learned some things and re-learned others. I was humble. I showed humility and I got the lesson I was supposed to learn today.

Yes, you, too, can be humble and love it. I guess part of it is as simple as being open to the lessons about life that come from the people in your life. Your kids, your friends and even your foes.

Now, if I really didn’t want to hear what Rikki had to say. I probabaly could have gotten out of it without seeming rude. But after a while, Rikki threw me some curve ball questions that I might get at this job interview so it actually worked out.

So, thanks to Rikki.

I gotta go, Rikki will be back later and I have to finish my homework resume for her to critique.

Hey, Rikki. Sorry about the “meddling Rikki” thing…

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