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Seriously On Style: What’s A Sneaker Head?

June 8, 2008

There is a part of me that is very rogue. I love knowing about secret handshakes, codes and underground clubs, music and sneakers…. That’s right. Sneakers.

A few weeks back I saw a cool report on CBS Sunday Morning ( yes, I watch that show) about these everyday, ordinary men and how they love designer kicks. Ladies love Blahnik and Choo, Men love Chuck’s, ‘Bok’s and Vans.

These unique men are called “Sneaker Heads” for the most part. Even though there doesn’t seem to be an official name.

Sneaker Freaker is one of the websites that I keep running into that looks like it would have about a house-sized closet full of shoes, if you had all the shoes they picture. They have the pictures I show below. You must check them out. The newest shoe is paying homage to “Kung Fu Panda”.

she so ghetto kung fu panda shoe

The Chuck Taylor Converse sneaks below are some that I would love to stick my toes in. I like the jewel toned colors and the stripes on the curve and encircling the logo.

She so ghetto shoes 2

Global Creative Director of Converse Footwear,

Scott Patt is Artist #38 in the 1HUND(RED) Converse Artist series.

These are stylin’. I like the orchid, grape and black color mix.

she so ghetto shoes3

First up is the Jeremyville Artist #30 Converse. Based in Australia, the prolific artist and designer known as Jeremyville began his career as a cartoonist at a major Sydney newspaper.

How hot is this riding boot. Im thinking it must have form, function and a totally cushy interior since it’s made by a sneaker company. That “kick ass” little riding spur is cooler than ice. By Nike.

she so ghetto boot

Nike developed many innovations for the Nike Ippeas, including rubber pads for the outsoles of the boots to improve stirrup traction, an adjustable titanium screw-in spur system (inspired by track spikes) that eliminates the need for additional hardware on the ankles, and a full-length engineered zipper for easy on-and-off. Perhaps the most revolutionary development is the most subtle: a thin, high-abrasion synthetic rubber material on the medial side of the boot that delivers improved grip on the horse and saddle, which gives the rider better communication with the animal and increased stability during demanding jumps.

she so ghetto sneakers married to the mob

she so ghetto sneakers married to the mob 2

she so ghetto nike money green

she so ghetto nike copper art

she so ghetto nike dunk hi

You could order one of my “Not a hoe” yee shirts and wear you’re new cool tee with the shoes below!

she so ghetto not a hoe

I happen to be falling for this shoe. I love it. Read my shoe!

“I’m not your bitch.”  I didn’t say it, the shoe did.

By VANS: Niagara 3

Another article was written about these sneaker-obsessed men.

“PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Please tell me you guys still have a size 10 and a half,” bellowed the fairly large African-American male who must have been somewhere in his mid 30’s.

“You can have an expensive outfit on from your hat to your jeans, but if you don’t have the right sneakers to go with it, nobody would give the outfit a second look,” explained Timothy. “But if you have some exclusive kicks to go with that outfit, you’ll have people breaking their necks to get a look at your feet.”

The truth is that sneakers were made for the sole reason of protecting one’s feet. Yet, just like any other material item, sneakers have developed into something more then just a material item. Simple white on white sneakers have evolved into elaborate artworks, and now sneakers have followers who have created their own underground fashion sub-culture. Some may say people are taking these underground sneakers too seriously, but maybe they just aren’t taking sneakers seriously enough!


Below is a clip of sneakers in their “museum” form at the Flight Club store in NYC.

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