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Seriously’s Advice To Ashanti: “Time To Reinvent Yourself”

June 12, 2008

As singer Ashanti is attempting to tip-toe back into the hip-hop scene, I thought of some advice for her.

Ashanti, you are in a prime position to attract a new generation of young women to hear your music.

Why don’t you do just that? Why not just make such awesome music and be such a fine role model that every parent will “Ashanti approve” your music for their teens ipod?

Now, this is going to take some strategy and work, but I think if you lengthen out the “hot pants” and modestly cover up some of that bosom, you’ll be doing a world of good!

Put some panty hose on over those ashy feet and look more in control of yourself.  Not so “come hither”!

Seriously McMIllan She SO Ghetto ashanti

Think of it. You could get lost in all the other singers that look like you or try to be you…So, be different!

There is nothing sexier than modesty and there is nothing more important to the parents of your fan base than to have a singer that is modest.

Take a tip from Alicia Keys. She really knows how to be feminine and sleek without looking hoochie.

Besides, hoochie is not feminine or sleek. Hoochie is hoochie.

So think about it. Reinventing yourself may be your new key to success. Believe me, it works.

Just ask Madonna.

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