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Shauna Sand: Another Hoochie Nipple & Crotch Slip

June 17, 2008

she so ghetto shauna sand


I hate when pretty people waste their beauty. I will probably get all they guys writing me saying, “You’re just jealous of Shauna.”

Oh please. For the record, I’m pretty hot in my favorite GAP jeans.

I think Shauna Sand is a very pretty person, but she may get her brain refurbished because I cannot imagine what thoughts she would have to lead her to be caught doing “this” in public. And, yes, what you think you are seeing in the last crotch shot pic, you are ACTUALLY seeing. Gasp!??!!

Anyway, you would never catch me disrespecting my body in public like Shauna Sand and all the other playboy playmates.

Here’s something truly sad. How did we got from class in Hollywood to total trash?  Shauna dresses like a HOOKER, sounds like an airhead when she talks then shows all her “personal stash” in public.

Shauna Sand, you are already on my hoochie mama list. No mother with children should be caught on camera doing this.

Mothers, don’t do this at home.

Lorenzo Lama’s ex-wife Shauna Sand was photographed exiting a car over the weekend by crawling over her boyfriends lap instead of using her own passenger like normal people do.  But I guess that’s because Hollywood whores walk to the beat of their own drum.

she so ghetto ghetto shauna sand nipple

shauna sand she so ghetto-slip-2

shauna-sand-nipple-slip-she so ghetto 1

she so ghetto shauna-sand-nipple-slip-upskirt-10


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