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Seriously On Race: Michelle Obama In Racist Pulp “Art”

June 20, 2008

Here are excerpts of a wonderful post I found on the blog,

At the core of my personal message in my book and on my blog, I try to reach young inner-city women of all colors that living a life of self respect is mandatory. Don’t become a public joke or clown because you are already thought of as one. Don’t let “them” be correct! Get rid of the “ghetto mentality”.

she so ghetto michelle obama racist art

As racial lines blur and a new generation rises, the stereotypes of African Americans remain so deep that they are both overt and covert within American culture. But when is this archetype of ignorance satire or art, versus when it’s just old fashioned stereotyping.

The What About Our Daughters blog highlighted an image that popped up on Daily Kos a few weeks back by a regular contributor called ONECITIZEN. It was the classic “What on earth were they thinking” moment.

A drawing of Michelle Obama in a red dress being branded with the words “Uppity Liberal” by Ku Klux Klansmen. A burning cross is in the background and it is labeled as a part of “Our New Hi-Tech Strategy to Burn the Middle Class.”

On top of that there was Michelle, being victimized and abused in the same manner black women throughout history and continue to be abused as deviant sexual objects deserving of whatever horrible fate that falls upon us. The red dress symbolizing the loose morality white men labeled black and mulatto slaves with, forcing them into prostitution or forcing themselves upon them without conscious. We were sex starved, insatiable beasts who needed white men to rape us.Then I wondered how could an image, so obvious in its racist roots blow right past the conscious of the individual who created it, clinging to their so-called Liberalism like a blanket when people pointed out the image’s its racist implications.

People claim that things have changed, that we have advanced, but the same stereotypes, black woman as whore, black man as beast, soldier on. Whites our age have grown up in a more integrated society where they listen to hip hop and R&B and love the Chappelle Show, but without context many don’t know what any of it means. Then they create art that is a dead ringer for our racist past, but feign ignorance when confronted with the evidence. They were just being provocative, edgy or funny. They don’t know the past, this archetype of ignorance is so strong it is subvert, imprinted on the subconscious of our primal brains, routinely taking us back to our roots.

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  1. anandabart permalink
    June 20, 2008 5:00 pm

    I am a white man and seeing this makes me sick. It’s exactly why Obama needs to win. We need to start moving beyond the racial hatred that still exists in this country. I pray for sanity and a new day.

  2. alphaheretic permalink
    June 21, 2008 8:59 pm

    This isn’t EXACTLY why anyone needs to win the Presidency. Obama needs to win on his merits. If Obama wins on his merits, on his ideas, on everything BUT his race, then and only then will racism be a dead issue.

    What of the opposite?

    When will the day come that a Black Person can become a notable conservative or Republican leader/figure and not be automatically called an Uncle Tom.

    That is as racist as the cartoon above.

    Racism will only be gone when all of us can look at the person beside us and see just that. A person. Not a black woman or a white man or an Asian chic or a mixed race person.

    People need to stop thinking in terms of race and think in terms of fellow humans.

    Racism is for idiots. And the idiots are filled by the ranks of Black, White, Asian, Arab and many other kinds of people.

    Another thing that irks me about racism in America. Why is the issue only about black and white. There are many more races on this planet. As a fellow who grew up in America but has spent many years overseas, I can tell you this. Racism in American is mild. Sure it’s a problem. But it’s nothing as compared to the racism that occurs in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

    There are a hand full of deaths each year in America that can be tied to racist idiots. And the victims are both black and white and Asian as well as other races.

    In the rest of the world, there are hundreds of thousands of deaths. There is genocide.

    When I read of the race problems in America, I often laugh. Not because I see humor. But because it is ridiculous.

    Any American can educate themselves and work themselves out of poverty. Any American can do this. I grew up poor. There were times when we could not afford bare essentials. Food, shelter, security.

    But my siblings and I have all climbed out of that rut and into a better life. Others can do this as well. It’s called sacrifice. It won’t kill you. Often times, it makes you better.

    I know too many Americans who cry; “But that’s too hard” when faced with the decision to pull themselves out of “the ghetto” or the “trailer park.” It is hard. But if you dig in and get it done, it is so worth the effort.

    Education. Sacrifice. Willingness to work.

    Laying back and crying or blaming it on the man or white folks or whoever is not the answer.

    No one is going to improve you for you. Only you can do that.

    Black, White, Asian, Semite or whatever your racial origin.

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