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Seriously On Style: Is Michelle “O” (Obama) The New “Jackie O”?

June 20, 2008

she so ghetto michelle obama fist bump elisabeth hasselbeck

Above: Michelle Obama gives a friendly “fist bump” to republican voter, Elisabeth Hasselbeck while guest hosting The View (6/18/08)

Did you see Michelle Obama on “The View”? I did, even though I was about 10 mins into the show.

I just liked watching her. It should have been mandatory for every hoochie or trashy mama to see what being a “lady” looks like.

Maybe even a “First Lady”? Hummm, we shall see.

Like Jackie O did in the 1960’s, so brings Michelle O. The classic style and fashion femininity that this country needs.

She was a vision of grace and simplicity. It looked as if the audience held onto her every word, her every gesture, her every facial expression.

And, of course, her clothes.

And now the dress more famous than any dress Monica Lewinsky ever had…

she so ghetto michelle obama dress on the view

Donna Ricco has been a successful fashion designer for a long time — but it took Michelle Obama to make her famous.

On Wednesday, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took a turn as co-host of TV talkfest “The View.” When the show’s audience saw her breezy, black-and-white, high-waisted print dress designed by Ricco, they had to have it. Virtually overnight, the dress all but sold out at the White House/Black Market boutiques that sell it for an affordable $148.

“I’m very happy. I’m very surprised. I had no idea she would be wearing this dress,” Ricco told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira Friday in New York. “But it’s sort of a natural happening for me, because I’ve been designing dresses a long time. We ship a lot of dresses to the stores, and I’m happy that Michelle chose this dress to wear on ‘The View.’ ”

Personally, I don’t like the dress. I don’t like the pattern. Way too old-fashioned for me. I would prefer something a little more modern. It’s not something that I would pick, but it did Michelle justice.



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