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Seriously On WTF?!: Mom Grounded Daughter, Daughter Kills Mom

June 22, 2008

SANTA ANA — Opening Statements are underway in the trial of a teenage girl accused of killing her mother because she was angry about being grounded.

Rachael Scarlett Mullenix, 19, is accused of stabbing her mother, Barbara Mullenix, in her Huntington Beach condominium back in 2006.

Her mother’s bloodied body was found floating near Newport Harbor Yacht Club, wrapped in towels , with a butter knife embedded in her right eye.

she so ghetto mom killed because she grounded daughter Barbara Mullenix

she so ghetto girl kils mom

ABOVE: Mom grounded daughter (bottom). Daughter kills mom.

Is anyone else out there thinking that there may have been some warning signs that this was about to happen?

I mean, come on. This young lady can’t be some angel if she can snap and stab her mother to death for disciplining her.

You’ve got to wonder just who dropped the ball in this family. Was it the mom? Didn’t anyone see that this girl was headed for homicide?

It’s a sad state of affairs. What shocks me is that you don’t hear about this type behavior as much in the inner city as you do in suburbia.


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  1. June 22, 2008 2:38 am

    I always wondered if my kids would ever grow up and kill me.

    Ironically, the stiffer the rules, the more controlling you are, the better they turn out.

    This gurl prolly got grounded as some sort of out of the blue, mommy put her foot down, and spoiled brat gurl went beserk.

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