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Celebrities Dressed Crappy: “Honey, It’s Time To Get A Stylist”

June 23, 2008

Cartier Love Bracelet launch included guests like Rosario Dawson, and Nicole Richie. Cartier handpicked Janet Jackson, Fergie, Common, Eve and Ashanti as their brand ambassadors.

This event was chocked full of celebrities dressed badly.

There should have been an emergency stylist on hand to help out fashion-challenged celebrities.

she so ghetto seriously mcmillan fergie eva mendes

Above: Fergie looks totally wasted and trying to stand up straight and her hair is dreadful!  Is that grey hair in her roots or a shaodow?

Eva Mendes decides to carry an armadillo instead of a handbag and wear taupe shoes with a coral dress.

“Calling emergency stylist, stat!”

Nicole Richie in Ugly Dress

Nicole Richie

These “Mu-Mu” style dresses are creeping back into pop fashion.  I say , “NO!”

There was a reason these ugly dresses went out of style.  The look like crap.

So does the print. Eww…

ashanti @ cartier

I am just waiting for Ashanti to stop trying to look like Beyonce.

We already have a “Beyonce”.

Besides, the earrings, shoes and dress are so missed matched…

“Calling emergency stylist, stat!”


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